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11-03-2006, 01:50 PM
I recently watched "Little Joe" Villalpando's Pool I.Q. Kick Shots DVD. This DVD shows two 3-rail systems, two 2-rail systems, and one 1-rail system. Joe shows the systems with some great diagrams and all of them are pretty easy to remember. The Behnke family helps Joe by shooting the kicks. This shows that anyone, who can stroke straight, can kick accurately with his systems. Each family member does the shot a few times so you remember the system and raise your Pool I.Q. Joe's next DVD will be on speed control. If you need some help in the "kicking department" then this video is for you. After watching this dvd you will no longer have to guess where to hit the rail to make a legal hit.
Joe Villalpando's Email: PoolIQ@yahoo.com

11-04-2006, 07:50 AM
Thanks Tanner. Ordered it today.

How's your new game coming along????..randyg

11-04-2006, 08:56 AM
This isn't the Mirror System, is it?


11-05-2006, 06:33 AM
My game is really consistent and solid. I am on a 15 game win streak in our weekly 8ball league.

11-20-2006, 10:18 AM
<blockquote><font class="small">Quote GamblingInsiders:</font><hr> This isn't the Mirror System, is it?<hr /></blockquote>
I have the DVD and the systems presented are very accurate &amp; repeatable (an important detail).

I've always been pretty good at "eye-balling" kicks, but now I can shoot them all with the confidence that only comes from knowledge. Joe now has a website (www.pooliq.net (http://www.pooliq.net)).

The website gives you a taste of how well this DVD is put together.

Although the website does not show it, the DVD also presents a two-rail system for when the cue ball originates on a long rail (instead of the end rail as show on the site). Here's an example.


Also, the DVD presents a system for using the clock system (again not shown on the website) to reliably &amp; consistently alter the departure angle for a one-rail kick. This is incredibly powerful and more useful than you can imagine. Here's an example.

http://CueTable.com/P/?@4BbBJ4CCra3DDQX1EDuO4FXTU3GDPr4HCqs4IatQ3PAWj4Vb BJ4VbJw4datQ4dcIr3kAWj1kAGk4karl4kWqC@

You can independently extend that concept to this shot...

http://CueTable.com/P/?@4BbBJ4CCra3DDQX1EKOy1FRiB3GCar4HDos4IatQ3PAWi4Vb BJ4VbJw4datQ4dcIr3kAWi1kTQn4kbIr@

Are you getting the idea that this will open up a whole world of possibilities?

The kicking DVD is the first of a series. From what I hear, the next DVD will deal with cue ball position and will help you answer the question: "How do I get from here to there with precision?"