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Gayle in MD
11-06-2006, 07:29 AM
Does our safety diminish as our laws increase?
COMMENTARY | October 09, 2006
"It is high time," writes Gen. William E. Odom, "that leaders in Congress, opinion makers, candidates for public office nationwide and the press unmask the so-called 'Global War on Terrorism' for what it is: a slogan and a campaign that make al Qaeda and other such organizations far more effective than they would be if publicly ignored and quietly attacked by methods entirely within the limits of our constitutional rights."

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There is growing opinion, from our Armed Services Publications, and from the very Neocons who originally were among the first Neocon Hawks to support this so called War On Terror, in Iraq, that had they known the incompetence of Bush, and his administration in advance, they would never have come out in support of going into Iraq in the first place.

None other than Ken Adelman, and Richard Pearle, are now revealing in statements such as Adelman's recent Statement that among each member of Bush's team, there were serious flaws, which combined together were deadly dysfunctional, and have led to a circumstance in Iraq, which is among the most incompetent of any and all in post war eras.

The Army Times, and the comparable publications of the three other armed forces publications, have all printed stories this month regarding the incompetence in the prosecution of the War in Iraq, and just as our NSIE reports, they, along with dozens of die hard neocon Bush supporters, neocon journalists, respected Generals and former Generals, and atleast six Republican Congressmen, are presently speaking out about the failed policy in Iraq, and the devastating consequneces of Bush Foreign Policies.

There seems to be at this time, no question, and no doubt, among neocon journalists, Generals, and policy experts alike, that Bush's decision to invade Iraq was big on hope, and short on realism, and that his attacks against the human rights principles that our country had adhered to in our international efforts before he took over the office of the President of the United States, have both increased danger to us on our shores, increased terrorism in general, their numbers, and their commitment to kill us, and brought shame to our country in the eyes of the world.

As terrorists are now training in Iraq, and being combat hardened there, as they kill off our troops, and then leaving to plan and prosecute attacks in other countries in the world, the only accurate statement Bush makes is that Iraq is now the center of the terrorists, but it isn't a war on terror, it is a training ground for terrorists, and a pointless slaughter of American life, caught in the middle of a civil war, which Iraqis should handle themselves, with our troops out of the country, as they make their own ultimate sacrifices for shape their country, without the influence of a despot like Saddam.

The disgusting decision of Jim Baker, to allow this slaughter to continue until after this election, as our troops are dying, over a hundred last month, and dozens since he announced his decision, is a commentary to the unconscionable Republican quest for power, regardless if it means that the blood of others must pour, in their effort to maintain a broken government, with no oversight into the most incompetent, law breaking, dispicable bunch of political oportunists to ever attack this country from within.

Regardless of the slanderous attacks on those who saw early on that fear and intimidation, though effective terrorist tactics of radical Islamists who seek to destroy us, there can be no doubt that the same evil methods have been used against us by our own American political power mongers to avoid their responsibility for their shameful failures, in last ditch election efforts to portray unaccounted for, dangerous and detrimental present policy as necessary and ultimately protective measures on behalf of future American generations, in spite of the obvious lie, exposed by the obvious results.

Gayle in Md.