View Full Version : In process of purchasing used table-opinions ?

11-14-2006, 11:33 AM
Hi, I recently came across an 8' Fischer table (basically same as C.L. Bailey except cabinet is veneered MDF for those not familiar with brand) that is approximately 2 years old and in like new condition. It has accu-fast cushions and upgraded cloth (not sure which cloth-waiting to find out). It also has upgraded balls (pro; waiting to find out which ones). Also included is a new pool table light and cover. He says he has $3600 invested into it. I called the local Fisher dealer in our area and the (2) cheaper models Duke/Dutchess are about $2200/$2400 (including setup/delivery/accesory kit) which is about $500 cheaper than the low end C.L. Baileys. Adding a few hundred for the cloth, few hundred for the bumpers, few hundred for the light. That brings it to about $2800 new on the low end and maybe possibly a few hundred more depending on what model he has. I would of been happy with the std cloth and std K66 bumpers. My question is what should I be looking at as a good deal ? It is going to run me about $350-$425 for delivery and installation. He wanted $2000 but I got him to $1300 which is his final offer. Looking at $1650 with setup. Any opinions would greatly be appreciated. Thanks !