View Full Version : Republicans have a problem

11-20-2006, 06:24 AM
There is a lot of discussion among republican leaders trying to determine how to handle the illegal immigration issue. It seems they understand that the general population is strongly against amnesty for illegals. But here is their problem. If you recall, GW gained support of a large segment of the hispanic voters in his first run for president. The hispanic voters tend to lean more toward the right. That block of voters is going to become more and more important in future elections. If the reps support amnesty, they pretty much lock up the hispanic vote, while alienating a large number of their conservative base. If they stick to their principles and take a stand against illegals, a huge number of hispanics become ripe for the pickings of the dems.

So the reps are facing a huge challenge. Remain true to their conservative roots, or sell out in order to pick up a large block of voters. It could be a no-win situation for the Republicans. It could open the door for a new 3rd party to really take hold in this country. Personally, I wouldn't mind seeing it happen. Dems have traditionally held the large percentage of the black vote. Reps could gain the support of hispanic voters, and a 3rd party might be able to gain large numbers from other voting blocks.

The only problem I see is that it could result in dividing different cultures along political lines. We already have enough culture clashes in this country. I would not want to see them become further divided over political affiliation.

Any thoughts?