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11-21-2006, 11:39 PM
StrangeUSA.com - Consolidating the vast ammount of 'American Strange Stuff' out there into 1 easy to use place. Haunted buildings, places, Urban legends, cemetaries, wierd places, cool places, ghost towns, and anything else thats worth your time to visit.

We also try to make sure that everything you could need to know about a place is readily available to you, before you actually get there. Every listing is integrated with a research tool, and maps. We take it even a step further by providing features to help you judge whats best to do with your time. We let everyone donate to every listing with pictures and comments. Members (free membership) can also list off places they have been, post their own places, and vote on listings.

www.StrangeUSA.com (http://www.StrangeUSA.com)

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