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Gayle in MD
11-28-2006, 08:21 AM
Finally, someone has had the balls to call this Civil War in Iraq, by it's propper name, a Civil War, thank you NBC, for breaking away from the oppression of an Adninistration who thinks that what is happening in Iraq can be solved with fantasy friendly semantics. Now, the question begs, are we to leave our troops to be slaughterd until Bush leaves office? FOR WHAT???

There is no mission of value in Iraq. The Government, has failed, the occupation, has failed, the ideology used to launch the war, has been proven, over time, to have been unrealistic, incompetently prosecuted, and ineffective. Rumsfeld was allowed to destroy our Army, and run our equipment into the ground. Our people, STILL, do not have enough Armour. Now, here's Bush, who thumbed his nose at the world when he went in there, refused any semblence of diplomacy in the interest of making war the last option, and he's now making rounds in the Axis of Evil, begging for help. This man must be impeached, before he destroys and kills even more people to salvage his legacy. His legacy, sucks, and there is no purpose in leaving our people to die, in some vague hope that things will change. They won't. It is long past time for public outcry for an end to this insane neocon war of choice. Yes, it is time to Cut Our Losses Of American Lives, and get out! And, Yes, IT IS ALL BUSH'S FAULT!

We should each be e-mailing our representatives, on a daily basis. We still could save many American lives, if we speak out against this failed policy, now. Think about our troops. Only we can save them now.

Gayle in Md.

11-28-2006, 11:05 AM
This man must be impeached , before he destroys and kills even more people to salvage his legacy. His legacy, sucks"

DITTO Gayle...sid

Gayle in MD
11-28-2006, 01:52 PM
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11-29-2006, 07:41 AM
The government has led the citizens of this great nation down a gauntlet. If the oil companies or arms & munitions manufacturers didn't get some of your money, then some cronies of the Repesentatives or Senators did. Believe me when I say this... They got a whole bunch of your money. If the debt was due immediately, you probably wouldn't have food or housing for a hundred years. The leadership even has the debt rigged for some folks to enjoy the high interest paid.

The war started because Dubya wanted a war against Saddam, but he was a coward & sent others to do his bidding. The Iraq war is similar to the Vietnam war, the soldiers are fighting an enemy that fights without rules. Our side has to obey rules in their engagements, so in effect, their hands are tied.

Life on top knows what they are doing, but they know the little guy has no power, because he has no voice. The media acts as a diode, the flow of thoughts & information only flows one way.

Try to contact someone in your home town about an issue & see where you get... nowhere. The leadership from city hall up to Dubya, doesn't have ears, only a mouth. (I didn't stipulate between Democrat or Republican)

The government has steadfastly watched our borders stand for nothing. We now have millions of illegal aliens in our country & the people charged with containment of crime (from the local Police Cheif to Dubya) refuse to act upon that crime.

Low class citizens of countries to the north & south will actually aid terrorists, in getting some WMDs into this country & they will do it for a little money.

Gayle in MD
11-29-2006, 12:15 PM
In her 1986 book Lying: Moral choices in Public and Private Life, the philosopher Sissela Bok wrote:

Imagine a society, no matter how ideal in other respects, where word and gesture could never be counted upon. Questions asked, answers given, information exchanged - all would be worthless. A warning that a well was poisoned or a plea for help in an accident would come to be ignored unless independent confirmation could be found....Trust is a social good just as much as the air we breathe or the water we drink.

From The Book On Bush by Eric Alterman and Mark Green

Among the angriest victims of the administration's dishonesty are America's soldiers themselves. Told to expect wine and roses from a population cheering its "liberation" they now find themselves targets of hatred and persistent guerrilla attacks. These men and women are, in the words of reservist Richard Murphy, being asked to "get shot a regularly, endure searing heat and live in less than desirable conditions." They have been told by their superiors to expect at least one twelve-month rotation in Iraq and possibly more. Because the military is undermanned and the Bush-Rumsfeld foreign policy underplanned, it is "grunts" like Murphy, who more than anyone, are being forced to bear the brunt of the administration's failure to prepare for the occupation and reconstruction of Iraq beyond any contingency envisioned by its improbably rosy scenarios.

And yet Bush continues on his chosen path, unmoved, unconcerned, and perhaps even unaware. The president told Fox News interviewer Brit Hume in September 2003 that rather than read a complete newspaper story, he merely "glances at the headlines just to get a kind of flavor for what's moving. I rarely read the stories." When Hume asked how long he'd been doing this as president, Bush replied, "Practice since day one" -and Hume emitted a surprised, "Really?" Bush does so, he says, because "the most objective sources I have are people on my staff who tell me what's happening in the world." (Probably without any ironic self-awareness, W. complained in the fall of 2003 about a press "filter" that kept the good news about the American occupation of Iraq from reaching the public without realizing how the word could also refer to staff who "filtered" out news that might displease the boss.) In other words, he lives inside an information bubble, fed only by faithful aides, telling him what he wants to hear, when he wants to hear it.

The problem, ultimately, is a president who is both messianic and radical. Bush himself in the past has shrewdly called the first Tuesday in November "Reality Day" because talk ends when there is a real result. So what happens on presidential "reality days" when the results are the opposite of wishful assertions - for example, when Iraq has no nuclear weapons program or cheering crowds, when tax cuts cause deficits to skyrocket, when there are too few stem cell lines for scientific research, when global warming heats up, when poor children are left behind in school, when AmeriCorps does not grow by 20,000 volunteers but shrinks by 20,000, when hero cops and firefighters get seriously ill after they were assured that the Ground Zero air was safe, when allies and the UN shun your call to share the burdens of occupying Iraq because they regard you as a "bungling bully," or when a Supreme Court of mostly Republican appointees rules that affirmative action is not "quotas" but desirable? Does George W. Bush then exit his bubble called denial, and later change course, as Reagan and Bush 41 did when they raised taxes in their third years to avoid ruinous deificits - or keep flying on just a right wing and a prayer?

"My faith frees me," Bush has claimed in his (ghostwritten) autobiography. "Frees me to make decisions that others might not like. Frees me to try to do the right thing, even though it may not poll well. Frees me to enjoy life and not worry about what comes next." These may be admirable qualities in a parson or preacher, but for a president of the United States who combines ideological extremism with intellectual laziness, and tops them off with serial dishonesty, this type of "Faith" is a recipe for disaster. It is America's peculiar burden at the dawn of the new century that its citizens-a majority of whom did not even choose to elect Mr. Bush to be their president in the first place - must now reap what he has sown.

The Book On Bush is an invaluable resource that exposes plutocracy posing as patriotism and, in area after area, the encroachment of redical right-wing ideology onto a moderate country.

The very least we can do, is get our people out of Iraq, and impeach the man who has lied to us, and the world, for six years, as he has poisoned our children with lead, and pollution, failed to protect our environment, destroyed what educational advances had been made, prevented the Scientific advances which could have saved, and improved thousands of lives, broken our laws, attacked our Constitution, and exploited every American who grieved over the horrible events, which he could have prevented, which occured on September 11. He Must Be Impeached.

Gayle in Md,