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07-18-2002, 06:56 AM
I thrashed this guy pretty bad in 8 ball earlier in the year. I took $800.00 off of him. Rightfully so, he decided not to play me anymore. Well, talking to him last night he will play me again w/ odds $30 to $20 and the last ball of his group off. Anybody have a strategy to deal with this situation other than don't miss?

07-18-2002, 07:03 AM
Take him,...I am sure the trash talking needs to be silenced, if there was any.


Chris Cass
07-18-2002, 11:16 AM

With 3/2 on the money or 1 1/2 times the money same thing, sucks. Give him the ball off, but you have to pick it and it's done right after the break. His or your break doesn't matter.

Giving him the last ball of his group, really sucks. You and I know it'll be the one that's blocking yours. You'ld be the sucker.

I'm not thrilled giving odds on the money, in that game at all. I would suggest you give him 2 balls at even money. Your break, you take the balls that would block you from running. His break, take the ones that will stop his break outs.

Either way, unless he's willing to lock up a large sum, I wouldn't do it. He's trying to hi roll ya. Make you sweat the money, he's sweating right now. Make him adjust to your game, not his. He's the one out $800. and he's the one willing to chase it. I'd let the fish go. IMO

First rule of thumb in gambling. When losing, change something. The spot, the table, the money. JAT


C.C.~~never takes the first offer.....

07-18-2002, 12:25 PM

Chris Cass
07-18-2002, 09:05 PM
Hi Whitewolf,

No doubt, that's the oldest sucker bet in the world. Myself would offer 5. I once gave a kid the 1 out in 9ball. I break with ball in hand even if I don't make a ball off the snap. If I scratch, then still get ball in hand.

Once also gave a kid, the 1 ball. Not to make it, just to hit it. lol


C.C.~~I don't want to see him lose his action, only contain it. I personally think he should let him go...

07-19-2002, 05:17 AM
The more balls you give him the easier it is for you. LOL Jake

07-19-2002, 06:55 AM
I went down to the fishing hole to meet my guy and low and behold he asked for a different bet. Now he wants two last balls off. I agreed to it only if we change from the tavern ball to the regulation cue ball and international rules. He agreed. As this guy doesn't play ball in hand rules much, if at all, I think I have him with the rules. I mean, I don't think (safety) is in his vocabulary. Added plus is I have a table to see if I can really do it. Luckily, I think, maybe it was an omen, he checked his pocket and realized he didn't have cash on him. So I got a night to think about it and consult those who know. (You guys)
This is the deal on this guy. He has a nine footer at home. And swore for a long time he was gods gift to the game. Has his name on the wall for winning tournaments and everything. When it came to an 8 footer he was deadly, until my skill matched my desire and I completely took him by surprise. I made him put down his cue for 5 months. He's good but hates to admit defeat. I saw this guy play another guy for $200 a game with two side bets at $300 each. He lost $3000.00 in one hour. I saw him shoot and he shot like a man who needed a road map and serious stroke adjustment.

Needless to say, greed has me. It has me something terrible. Why because I always kicked myself for playing $100 a set instead of $100 a game.
Now, as far as getting a better deal like taking off the balls at the beginning. I already did that with another guy and crucified him. There is no way I can talk this guy into it being that he has that knowledge. Two last balls it is. I plan to get rid of the $30 to $20 now that he has more weight. My ego wants me to do it at $50 a rack to start. So what's a player to do? Luckily I can practice at home and I don't have to go back until I think I'm ready.

Two things.

How do you practice for this type of game?

Would you play under these conditions. Knowing the pay off could quench your thirst for a few months.

Chris Cass
07-19-2002, 11:27 PM
Wow Kahn,

Sounds like I need your action. Anyway, I practice straight pool for 8ball and 10ball for 9ball. You need to seriously get some cash up. Make him bet it up, I would make him agree to a time limit. Make him agree to posting the doe. Lose 3 games at 30. then jack that bet up to $100. a game. If he wants to chase it? Let it happen. Remember, the money your up, is free and his.

Don't get foolish when you have an opportunity to get a nice BR. Don't let him take side bets. Take all the action if your fading his game. Those side betters arn't going to give you squat. Your doing all the work. Also, think about it. That's a lot of weight too. If you do let him have the last 2. Then, make sure your balls surround the 8ball. IMO

Good Luck,

C.C.~~doesn't endorse gambling...

07-20-2002, 10:48 AM
Try practicing by taking those two balls off as you normally would, but then take HIS SIDE of the proposition.

Troy...~~~ Just a thought

<blockquote><font class="small">Quote: Kahn:</font><hr>
How do you practice for this type of game?

07-20-2002, 07:41 PM
Spanked, cooked, skinned, beaten and bruised. I love to see an ego deflate right in front of me. The price was high enough, the stroke was there like I haven't seen her in a while. I broke out clusters, my two rail position was saying something and all the time my heart bursting a hole through my chest. Greed got me this far with this guy and now common sense says say no. Although I came out ahead he always got four balls of the table and sometimes got a look at the eight but his stroke wasn't there. I know when I got the rolls. Thanks for all the ideas you guys. How sweet it is to communicate with individuals who care about such trivial matters. God bless the internet my lady is no longer annoyed.

07-20-2002, 07:45 PM
Sorry about that.