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11-28-2006, 06:56 PM
good article thought you all may be interested in it... the whole article can be found at http://www.salon.com/opinion/kamiya/2006/11/28/palestine/

I always thought the root of 80% of mid-east problems stems from the Israeli/Palestinian war.

Salvaging Bush's Mideast disaster

The real "front line of the war on terror" is Palestine. By brokering a lasting peace, the U.S. can make up for Bush's colossal blunders.

By Gary Kamiya

Nov. 28, 2006 | This weekend, Israel and the Palestinians announced a cease-fire, ending the bloody low-level conflict that has been raging for months and momentarily returning the world's attention to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The cessation of violence in the Gaza Strip, where about 400 Palestinians and five Israelis have been killed, is a welcome humanitarian development. But any long-term hopes it gives rise to are likely to be cruelly dashed. It addresses none of the underlying issues, and in fact only strengthens rejectionist elements on both sides. Unless the Bush administration moves to broker a lasting Israeli-Palestinian peace, the cease-fire will prove to be yet another temporary lull, and the conflict will worsen, with dire ramifications for the United States.

As the Iraqi debacle lurches from dreadful to nightmarish, with 140,000 U.S. troops caught in a vicious purgatory, it is all too easy to forget that the real "front line of the war on terror" is in Jerusalem, not Baghdad. The Israeli-Palestinian crisis is not a matter that America wants to deal with. There is zero debate about it in Congress, where unswerving support for Israel continues to be the only thing that Democrats and Republicans agree on. It divides the left. It is such an emotional, sensitive issue that most people don't even bring it up. And it's easy to simply dismiss it as intractable.

But like it or not, the fact remains that the now 39-year-long Israeli occupation of Palestinian land continues to be the most incendiary issue in the Arab-Muslim world, the single thing that most inspires hatred of the U.S. A U.N.-sponsored group recently found that tensions between Islam and the West are caused not by religion but overwhelmingly by the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, which has acquired a symbolic significance larger than itself. The conflict affects virtually every problem in the region, including Iraq -- a fact recognized by world leaders from British Prime Minister Tony Blair to Jordan's King Abdullah to the leaders of France, Spain and Italy, who just presented their own peace plan. Until the U.S. brokers a lasting peace between Israel and the Palestinians -- and only America can do it -- we will stumble impotently around in the Middle East, despised by all except the corrupt despots we prop up, while the anti-American rage that breeds jihadists grows.

Gayle in MD
12-01-2006, 12:03 PM
Thanks Naz. This is so true. Carter has a new book on this subject, and he basically is saying the same thing. This is the core of the M.E. problems, and our adventure in Iraq, has worsened the problem. I've often wondered why Isreal isn't willing to offer some kind of compensation for their illegal occupation. They could be a plus to surrounding countries, if they'd get off their high horse, and set an example, instead of making everything worse. It isn't all their fault, but their not completely innocent, either.

I don't know why our government doesn't work toward a summit that included every single leader in the Middle East, Monarchy, religious, terrorists leaders and territorial leaders. Force them everyone, to settle everything at the conference table. They're all such drama junkies, I'm sure they'd all be willing to show up! LOL...

Gayle in Md.