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12-02-2006, 02:28 PM
Does anyone have a view on flourescent vs. incandescent lights over pool tables?

I'm trying to pick a light fixture to install in my house. I think the incandescent light fixtures look a lot nicer, but every real pool hall I've ever been in has had flourescent over the tables.

Would there be a reason to prefer playing underneath either type of light?

If it makes any difference, it's a 9 foot table.

Thanks -- great advice to be had on this forum...

12-03-2006, 01:20 PM
Incandescent lighting costs more to use, but I like the picture I see with incandescent, better than the fluorescent. Send me an email & I'll send you some pictures of a Pool Table Light with (four) 4 pendants. It's a great light that I make. I also make fluorescents too.

12-03-2006, 09:33 PM
I was really impressed with the long fluoro lighting over a 9' table i saw recently -- the fluoro was nicely curved on top, and dark green -- but what i really like most was the grid (stainless steel i think) fitted along the underside (like some office lights), which minimised the glare. I am going to install 3 or 4 of these fluoros above my 12' table when i moov house next year.

Re having some nice looking incandescent lanterns -- i like the look of these old-fashioned lights -- but i would only gettem if there was zero glare (ie if they were real deep), or if one could fit some sort of grid (ie if they were real deep).

12-04-2006, 10:16 PM
In my opinion the Diamond table lights (and/or those of similar design) are the best lights available. The are overhead "panel" designs...instead of the lamp shade variety and have what is called an "egg shell" diffuser which is just a plastic "grid" installed under the light source which FORCES the light to go straight down in a concentrated fashion. The "egg crate" panels are available in any Home Depot/Lowes home center, so you might be able to install them even in a 4 lamp shade set up (Don't even THINK about using 3 shades on a 9' table. The egg crate grill insert nearly eliminates ALL shadows. In addition, Diamond uses a florescent light source so that is a "recommendation" that should not be overlooked. In addition, there are many different TYPES of florescent light sources including those that simulate full spectrum sunlight so it's not appropriate to say that florescent light IN GENERAL either looks better or worse than incandescent light. You have to speficiy WHICH variety of florescent you are talking about. In my view, any lighting fixture other than the one described above is a compromise...BUT you get what you pay for. The Diamond 9' light retails for 700 bucks or so!

PS: the Diamond light fixture is nearly full table size and that is a HUGE advantage. It is a law of physics that light intensity varies as the SQUARE of the distance so any source that is not DIRECTLY over the area being lighted is a compromise....period. Add the egg shell grid insert and the issue of "light spread" is reduced even further. I have nothing to do with Diamond and there are other brands that are built basically the same way.

12-05-2006, 08:42 AM
Fluorescent is generally better for minimizing shadows from the balls. This is because the light comes from a long and spread-out source, rather than several single points. The best example of a well-designed fluorescent light is the one sold by Diamond as an accessory for their tables. It does a great job of simulating a "light panel" type of source, which would be the ultimite ideal.