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12-02-2006, 06:25 PM
I went to Capone's this afternoon to watch the women fight it out and I was surprised to see quite a few women from the WPBA there.

Helena Thornfeldt, Monica Webb, Kim Shaw, Jennifer Nelson, Sarah (little bit) Rousey, Tracie Hines & Jeannie Seaver. It looked like they had a full 64 players. As luck would have it Helena drew Monica in the first round and Monica won 7-4. I was fortunate in that Helena and Monica played on table 2 and Kim was on table 1 and I was only a few feet away. So I got a pretty good show. Then later I moved over and was able to watch Jennifer on the table to my right while Kim was on the table to my left and Rousey was over one row.

All I know is that I better stick to playing the old guys here. Those girls would cut me to pieces.