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12-04-2006, 07:02 AM
With the One Pocket Hall of Fame voting complete, plans are underway for our 3rd annual Hall of Fame dinner at the upcoming Derby City Classic in Louisville. The dinner is scheduled for Tuesday, January 9th 2007.

Leading the class in One Pocket is the great all-around player John 'Rags' Fitzpatrick. His untimely death in 1960, just one year before the first Johnston City tournament, kept him out of the spotlight enjoyed by his peers during the pool renaissance of the 60's. Joining 'Rags' in this year's class of inductees are another deceased early icon of the game, Hayden Lingo, and Washington, DC living legend, Melvin 'Strawberry' Brooks.

In the Bank Pool category, the voting was led by 'Bugs' Rucker's early mentor, Javanley 'Youngblood' Washington. Along with 'Youngblood', legendary undercover banker Vernon Elliott and the late John 'Cannonball' Chapman are being inducted in to the Bank Pool division of our Hall of Fame.

Just to give you an update on plans for this year's Hall of Fame dinner at the Derby City Classic, it is shaping up to be a real good time. This is the 3rd year for the One Pocket Hall of Fame dinner and we went from about 40 people at the first dinner, to over 120 guests last year, turning people away in both years.

This is not a 'stuffy' event; it is like a real big dinner party with many of the most entertaining guests you could imagine from the world of pool action. From great players -- all our former HOF inductees are invited back every year -- to backers, to the friends and families of the living and deceased players being inducted, this is about as entertaining a mix as you could wish for. The table arrangement is a series of large round tables that each seat about nine people, so you never know who you could be seated with... Yes, there is a bar, too.

If you want to see some photos from the last two years of this event, here are a couple of galleries:
The 2005 One Pocket HOF dinner (http://)
The 2006 One Pocket HOF dinner (http://)

The Master of Ceremonies job will again be shared by the team of Grady Mathews and Freddy Bentivegna, with numerous special guests.

For more information and to make your advanced reservations, visit the HOF banquet information page: One Pocket Hall of Fame Dinner (http://)