View Full Version : Rousey Wins Spiritour Shampionships

12-04-2006, 07:46 AM
Sarah took on all comers and managed to finish on top this weekend. While down here enjoying the warm weather I am sure she is missing all that snow up in the Chicago area.

It was good to see Tracie Hines do so well. She beat Helena Thornfeldt 7-2 to get to the finals only to lose to Sarah.

I have watched Tracie compete in tournaments over the years and this past summer I played her in a KBP tournament. After she beat me 7-3 I decided I did not have what it takes to compete at a higher level. I was actually pissed that I, a mediocre amateur at best, had to play a pro (Tracie was rated 20 on the WPBA) in a so called Amateur Tournament. I can always claim that her humiliating defeat of me gave her the confidence to go on to greater victories. But then, Helena only won 2 games against Tracie. Does that make me better than Helena? LOL

I still think that allowing the pros to compete in an amateur tournament is really insane. The women work hard all year and are the ones who make the Tour a success and then in the final tournament all the money goes to the pros.

Such is life in the wacky world or pool.