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12-05-2006, 07:28 AM
Hi people!
It has been a while since my last post... Right now I prepare for the last extraleague tournament (highest level of competition here in Czech Republic) of this year fighting for the spot on Czech national team. Nevertheless its not the final tournament of the extraleague season as there are two more tournaments to be played in january to sum the whole competition. After six tournaments (out of 9) I am at the fourth position with minimal margin to reach the second and third position which guarantee the spot for European championships. I have had a really terrible start in the first two tournaments as I ended at 17-th-24-th spot out of 32 players respectivelly. I changed my stance and head position back in June and I wasnt comfortable with it enough yet in September when the season started. Then there came the breaking point and I finished twice in semifinal and twice in final which lifted me to overall 4th position where I am now. The main factor to my improvement was my never-panic attitude which helped me a lot through the days when my technique wasnt working. Even last week a flaw got into my stance and I couldnt string two racks together in practice but somehow on Saturday during team competition I was able to get away with 5 victories out of 5 matches. With not working technique I was able to grind out run-outs just when I needed them. Apparently I am used to the situation that I have to fight with my opponent and myself as well. Yesterday I was finally able to find the flaw in my stance (not having the axis of my head parallel to the axis of the stroke) so I was shooting like semi-god again... Its funny that 2 years ago I was considering to stop practicing because the results just werent there but after those two years which I spent mainly improving my fundamentals I can say that its really worth the mental pain (and often physical as well)! When you play and the balls obey your orders, its just you and the table stringing the racks....hmmmm...its almost physical pleasure to experience. I know that there is still a mountain to climb but even now its really sweeeeeeet to be me playing pool......
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