View Full Version : CueTable Shot Contest: 06.12 Five Hole Golf

12-07-2006, 11:40 AM
Shot Contest: http://cuetable.com/contest/index.html

The goal of this drill is to help you to build up your 3 rail kicking skills in a interesting exercise. It is a continuation of Contest 0607 with a golf twist to it.

The best three players will receive $100 Tiger Certificates each.

To give newcomers a better chance, we have decided to give the prize only to participants who has not won any of our contests before. All past winners are still encouraged to submit their entries for awards in public merits.

The certificate is good for purchasing any great billiard products ((Sniper Tips, Leather Wrap, X-Shaft and more) only through Tiger Billiard Products Website: http://www.tigerproducts.com/

We are deeply in need of sponsors to help funding future contests, If you are interested in furthering a good cause, please contact us.

<font color="red"> Special note: 0611 contest has ended with no entries: We are leaving the prize open to the first person who can submit a video scoring over 50 points. </font color>