View Full Version : Worst Xmas joke ever

12-08-2006, 05:58 PM
“In Viking times, many years ago, there lived a warrior called Olf. He was not a pleasant character to meet, being typically aggressive and extremely rude to all he met. Like many of his time, he had an enormous bushy ginger beard, so was called 'Olf the Red' by his men.

One day, near Christmas time, he was about to set off to pillage a few Christmas pressies.

‘You'll need your heavy fur on today Olf, it's snowing,’ announced his brow beaten wife.

‘That's rain, woman.’

‘Well it is white and flakey.’

"It's rain I tell you. Rain .....Rain... Rain !" roared Olf


"Let me make it clear," he said, "Rude Olf the Red knows rain dear"