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12-12-2006, 08:25 PM
i was just wondering if anybody could tell me a good way to masse the ball for trick shots and such. Or if you know of any good websites that can teach this kind of stuff.


01-21-2007, 02:26 PM
The secret to the Masse` is the degree of angle on the cue....you can impart a slight curve by just slightly elevating the butt of the cue.....to get a serious curve you have to really jack the cue up and impart lots of spin on the ball....be really careful you can easily tear your cloth if not careful.

05-04-2007, 12:56 PM
Personally, I have never seen anyone tear the cloth with a Masse or any other shot. If you get totally stupid and carried away maybe. I think this is mostly a movie myth started by WC Fields or Laurel and Hardy. Of course I have simonis and it is very tough.

To masse you have to accept that this is a low percentage shot until you really get good with it. I have found that small amounts of masse can be useful in a lot of cases where you just need a litte and perhaps the accuracy of the shot is not critical. Perhaps just trying to miss the edge of an offending ball.

One key is to aim away from what you ar trying to masse around. You have to aim far enough away not to hit what you are trying to go around but not so far that you have to masse any more than is necessary. You have to jack up on the ball and hit say around 4:30 or so (looking from above, hitting jacked up and down toward the table so 4:30 from a sort of birdseye view, this is for a significant masse). Jacking up might be 45-50 degrees (or so)... Aim away from where you want the ball to go. Push stroke into the ball and see what happens.

You have to hit towards the edge of the ball so that you spin it a bit sideways and with some draw (if that explanation makes sense). Basically the ball is shot in a direction that is a bit opposite and sideways to which it is spinning. hmmm... Think about how a bowling ball runs down the lane. That's masse on the pool table.

It will take a bit for the masse to take depending on how you stroke. Hopefully by that time you will have cleared your obstacle and then the curve will kick in. The curve will only last until natural roll takes over. So timing of when the cureve really kicks in and how sharp it is and how long it lasts is all in the mix. The speed the ball is moving matters. You just have to play with it. Think of bowling. Make the cue do that. Use a stripe ball to be able to see what you are doing to the cue ball.

For gentle masse just shoot a low and right or left stroke. Shoot relative gently and push through. You can easily masse 1/2 - 3/4" to get you in or out of a slight snooker. elevate the butt a bit.

Another sort of trick shot is to put the cue near the corner of a side rail. Put an object ball near the corner on the other corner but same side rail. Make both touch the rail (frozen). You could see that is it difficult to shoot the object ball from this distance with both balls frozen and you have to pass by the side pocket that might suck the cue ball into the titty. If you shoot draw and side english (english to the side closest to the cushion 4:30-5:00 or 7:00-7:30 ish). elevate your stick just a bit (6-10" maybe) Aim slightly away from the side pocket (say 1/2" to 3/4" experiment). shoot a firm but gentle (if that makes any sense) stroke. The cb should head away from the rail pass by the side pocket then masse back to the rail and the spin will make it suck right to the rail. The result will be a perfect shot on the OB and it will fall in the corner. To make this easier, start practice on an end rail and shoot only 1/4" or so away from the rail. Freeze that balls. Don't shoot too hard or too fast. let the ball roll and spin and masse to make the ob.

Experiment with different amounts of english and cue stick elevation and stroke until you get the affect. Not necessarily making the ball in the pocket but rather the (affect) masse back to the rail and the hugging to the rail not bouncing off it. It;s really quite easy once you get it. The nice part is that unlike a lot of set-up trick shots this can even come into use in a real game. It's a good between came shot challenge. Once you learn it you can also teach it easily. Teaching is fun. Also, if you don't have the side pocket to worry about you can just shoot a lesser form of this that makes the cb hug the rail for when both balls are frozen. Don't aim away from the rail this time just go for the rail hugging action.