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12-14-2006, 12:09 AM
Dear fellow players:

It is my honor and pleasure to be able to bring CueTable to our* community. At this point, the software is stable across operating systems + browsers. Many thanks to everyone who helped troubleshoot!

For the holidays, I am very please to present everyone with a downloadable version of CueTable software at a pay-as-you-wish price. It will work locally without an Internet connection. The download link can be found at: http://cuetable.com/extras.html

<font color="red"> CueTable has started a new initiative</font color>

Think about this for a moment:
"There must be at least 10,000 table diagrams drawn in the past nine* years. But, how easy is it to find the one you want?"

Recently a group of friends and myself have been very busy with a* very interesting project called "CueTable Public Library". As of now* it is at the beta phase. We are looking for more volunteers to join + help us out.* Please send me email at volunteer@cuetable.com for details. The billiard* community will benefit greatly from this cutting edge creation.

Today (12.14.06) marks the ninth year of the original WeiTable and the ninth month of CueTable website. We have worked hard to maintain a good service all this time - with only limited resources. There are still many interesting and helpful projects to be carried out so I have set up a contribution page at http://cuetable.com/SupportUs.html , your kind efforts, whether as a contributor or as a volunteer, will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you and have a great holiday season.


Wei Chao

12-16-2006, 06:33 PM
Sure, I've made a donation. The wei table has been an immeasurable help over the years for forum members to describe situations back and forth. Some even refuse to try to understand a description of a table layout, preferring only to deal with wei tables.

I really like these words that help describe your work:

For any group to flourish in a society there needs to be frequent communication among its members. Over time, the language used by a group gets refined and the number of specialized terms increase as the exchanges grow in sophistication. If the communication is visual, such as a picture or diagram, words may not be needed at all to get a message across. Any group needs verbal and visual languages that are both easily accessible and can support the communication of complicated messages. Without this development, the group will stagnate and, in the worse case, risks becoming obsolete.

Our forum lives would be much poorer without the benefit of the wei table. Thank you for doing this.

12-16-2006, 10:49 PM
Nice post, and I agree that the table can be a valuable tool.
I don't have the opportunity myself to make use of it....but I'll see if I can add a few pence to the kitty.
Hope you all down there in Texas, have a nice holiday season.

12-19-2006, 01:07 AM
Thank you very much for the kind words and support. You have kept me warm while being along in this cold climates. I shall keep working hard in bringing new things to everyone.

Tonight I have just made a quick CueTable Self Demo for people who like to have a quick tour of the software. Please check it out.

Click to see CueTable Self Demo (http://CueTable.com/P/?@3ANCv2BMlX3CUCb1DGIU3EEMS4FWQt4GJax1HMKH2IWmK3PO No3TONo3phpW3UNCv3UdGu3kONo3kLOj4kAWl4kbGj5kJGuzc2 qITaThese_pages_were_generated_dynamically_by_deco ding_the_URL_link_text.&amp;&amp;The_URL_link_text_was_pre viously_encoded_on_this_same_software_by_someone_e lse_before._&amp;ZZ1rPeWThere_are_5_pages_of_layouts_i n_this_demo._You_are_on_page_1_of_5_as_indicated_b elow.&amp;&amp;Please_click_on_the_right_arrow_to_go_to_th e_next_page.&amp;ZZ2sRJXWelcome_to&amp;CueTable_Self_Demo&amp; &amp;&amp;ZZ@3AdWv2BMlX3CUCb1DGIU3EEMS4FWQt4GJax1HMKH2IWmK 1PJGu1TJGu3phth1kJGu2kLOM2qWmdNow,_let's_try_a_lit tle_exercise.&amp;&amp;1,_Click_on_2_ball_once,_move_the_m ouse_cursor_to_the_top_right_corner_pocket_and_pre ss_lowercased_(a)_key_to_draw_a_line.&amp;&amp;2,_Click_an d_drag_1_ball_and_remove_it_from_the_table._&amp;ZZ3rW mDGreat!_You_are_on_page_2.&amp;&amp;CueTable_is_capable_o f_displaying_up_to_9_pages_for_a_question/answer_or_a_before/after_effect&amp;ZZ1sDOjYou_will_then_be_able_to_see_a _layout_that's_altered_by_you.&amp;&amp;In_another_words._ You_can_use_CueTable_to_draw_any_layouts,_save_the m_into_URL_text_strings_and_show_your_ideas_to_peo ple_on_the_web.&amp;&amp;Click_on_the_Tools_button__below_ (or_press_tab)_to_show_all_tools.&amp;&amp;Move_onto_page_ 3.&amp;ZZ1tLdT3,_Click_on_ExportData_button_below_or_p ress_Uppercased_(E)_key_to_creat_a_URL_data_string _to_computer_clipboard&amp;&amp;4,_Open_a_new_browser_wind ow,_click_on_its_url_address_filed,_do_a_software_ paste_(ctrl-V)_and_load_that_page.&amp;ZZ@2BMlX3CUCb1DGIU3EEMS4FWQ t4GJax1HMKH2IWmK1PJGu1TJGu3phth2VMlX2Vcpq1kJGu2kLO M4qIcoIn_this_page,_we_will_show_some_basic_functi ons._As_you_move_the_mouse_cursor_over_a_button,_a _label_will_pop_up_above_it_showing_its_name_and_t he_associated_keyboard_shortcut.&amp;&amp;1,_Click_MoveToE ndAll&amp;&amp;2,_Click_DeleteAllLines&amp;ZZ3rOuf3,_Click_on_ cueball,_move_the__cursor_next_to_3_ball_and_press _(a)&amp;&amp;Click_on_3_ball,_move_the_curso_to_the_top_l eft_corner_pocket_and_press__(a)&amp;ZZ1sXUh4,_Click_S avePage_and_move_onto_page_4&amp;ZZ@3Ccpu1DGIU3EEMS4FW Qt4GJax1HMKH2IWmK3PTUL1XGIU1Xchy3kTUL1kFKF2kLxk7kL Eozc4qVYHDoes_the_cue_ball_path_look_right_to_you? &amp;&amp;1,_Click_on_GhostballAll&amp;&amp;ZZ2rHec2,_Click_and_dr age_these_two_ghostballs_to_the_right_spots&amp;ZZ1sXM i4,_Click_SavePage_and_move_onto_page_5&amp;ZZ3tbbj3,_ Click_CueBallEnglish_to_show__a_big_English_indica tor_at_lower_left.&amp;&amp;Move_the_tip_to_indicate_Engli sh_used.&amp;ZZ@3EEMS4FWQt4GJax1HMKH2IWmK3PLEo1TJGu3ph th2iXmd2iXxY1iXxY1iYDg1iDefza2qUkuYou_have_complet ed_a_quick_tour_of_CueTable.&amp;&amp;During_the_demo,_you _have_edited_4_pages.&amp;&amp;You_may_use_the_page_arrows _to_review_the_changes.&amp;&amp;Clickon_any_button_to_see _what_each_does.&amp;&amp;For_detail_description_of_all_fu nctions,_click_on_OpenHowTo_button_to__view_our_tu torial_page.&amp;&amp;Thanks_you,&amp;&amp;Wei&amp;Cuetable.com&amp;ZZ@)

Please feel free to ask any questions. I am happy to make more demos like this one if people think it's effective.