View Full Version : Newbie Q on stick choice?

12-24-2006, 10:02 AM
Hello all,
I have had an Olhausen table for about 2 years and have hardly used it, not that i have more time i'm starting to play semi-seriously. I was looking at some sticks in the 2oo-500 price range. I realy like the look of a sneaky, plain no wrap.
My main Q' is what is the differance in joint selection and how does it affect play, I understand that "Viking lists":
Joint1 Provides a firm hit
Joint 2 Gives a hard hit
Joint 3 Double-threaded to provide a very hard hit
Joint 4 Gives a soft hit and has 3/8 - 10 pin
Joint 5 Gives a soft hit
Joint 6 Hustler-style true wood-to-wood joint provides a soft hit
But i dont understand what that means in terms of affecting how i play or what i should choise acording to what type of player i am,, I don't even know what type of player i am?
I also understand the tip affects the play as well but don't know what a soft vs. hard tip are used for?