View Full Version : Derby City 2007 CueTable Layout Competition

12-27-2006, 04:08 PM
Dear Friends:

I am in the middle of creating a fun event called Layout Competition for Derby City 2007. More detailed information can be found at: http://cuetable.com/event/dcc2007.html

This will bring a lot of fun for everyone who is interested in Derby City 2007:
1, The participants will be able to share tournament shot layouts in an organized fashion and possibly win some prizes.

2, Everyone who cannot make to Louisville this year will be able to see and discuss the best plays on the same day via the internet.

This an interesting introduction to CueTable Public Library. You can use either http://PublicLibrary.CueTable.com or http://PL.CueTable.com to go there. This is a project of bigger scale which will benefit everyone in our community. As of now it is still in its beta phase and people are welcome to sign on and test it out. Please allow me explain it in details at another time.

As you can see, I have prepared the necessary operation plan and framework for this to happen . If you can contribute to fuel this wonderful event, please contact me via info@cuetable.com. I would like to finalize the prize details few days before DCC starts.

I will have a room at Derby City from January 10 to 13. During the time I will give people free software demos and assist with their competition entries. Please stop by and say hello

Thank you very much and see you soon!