View Full Version : World Junior 9 Ball in Ozz.

01-05-2007, 09:50 PM
Just now watching Mary Rakin (USA) playing WU (Taiwan) on the government channel (ie seen over all ozz), in the junior ladies semi-final, live i think, at Rooty Hill (Sydney). Rakin just sunk the 9 on the break and iz now only 3-4 down. Wu potted a nice ball with the jump cue. We do see Pool on cable here in ozz, but dont see much on the free-to-air channels -- mightbe thingz are on the improov. Push, after the break ?? -- Nice successfull long-kick pot ?? -- Viewers have lots to learn !! Mary haz won 4 racks to make it 6-4 up, race to 7, on the hill ?? -- lots to learn !!. madMac.

01-05-2007, 09:59 PM
Mary snookered on 2Ball -- crashes off the side cushion, hits 2 dead-center, the 2 crashes into the 9Ball, 9Ball goze straight into corner pocket -- game over. Blue cloth, pocket-cam, nice presentation, yep could become popular on tv over here.

Mary might yet meet Anna Kostania (USA) in the final, or a Chinese girl. madMac.