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07-20-2002, 08:11 PM
Those who have sacraficed a lot of time, relationship(s) and cash on this game will understand what I'm going through. Once upon a time I told myself I was going to be the best of the player in my area. Then I sought guidance from the best player. Do to my ego(can't believe I used to be a D player with and ego) We played a few games and he destroyed me and my ego. Then I realized I was now going to be the best of the B to B+ players. I'd settle for giving the A players a wake up call. When I set out on this mission I envisioned it like the Kungfu guys roaming aroung challenging people. Well I challenged anyone that missed an average of two to three shots a game. I've gotten the best of the rolls for 2 years and now there is no peace. My town is small so its like 1 degree of separation here. I realized, only recently that I can't set foot in a pool hall for fun anymore. Because regardless of where I go. If I'm playing for free, someone will show up. Someone who either lost money or Someone who outclasses me and wants money. In my area there are three certified geniuses at this game. Two couldn't stand the boredom and left for good. The last A looks pitiful. He's begging for games, handicaps of all types, hustling, pleading. And I'm like damn, why work so hard. Why sacrafice. You'll just end up playing on your own personal table by yourself. I know someone feels me. You get harassed, sharked, loose racks, stiffed for cash, hated, despised and eventually avoided. IF you don't have the time nor the talent to go pro then what? Tell me this isn't the reward for embrasing something you love. Tell me that the people who said your wasting your time playing that game, tell me they weren't right.

07-20-2002, 08:39 PM
The game you were playing is not the game you say you love.

Find the game you love, play it. Find a player that will give you a challenge and play 14.1

Or, Start a tournament, or a league. Play your game.

Like you said, its a small town.. only one degree of separation, and it looks like you have separated yourself from a lot of good pool games.

07-20-2002, 08:42 PM
Nobody - I repeat, Nobody - gets the best of the rolls for two years. If there's a price on your head, there's a reason. Is everybody out of step except you? This does not sound like a legitimate complaint. What do the local players have to say about you? And why?

07-20-2002, 08:44 PM
Can't say I didn't deserve that. Preach on brother.

07-20-2002, 08:50 PM
Well that somebody is me. It's no accident, I put in the time. No disrespect, but your luck and my luck are not the same, your skill and mine are not the same. And the bets I take and yours are not the same. And why can't it be a legitamate complaint. Sometimes a man wants peace in an atmosphere that he has grown to like. While unbeknownst to him he was slowly changing the climate of that perfect atmosphere to one that is not as pleasant. Never blamed anyone else pall. Such animosity, make sure you check your blood pressure from time to time.

07-20-2002, 09:02 PM
You didn't waste time challenging yourself to pursue excellence. Your choice of gambling just took you down a different path than others. You have the opportunity to go a different path or continue.

Hope your path leads you to what you want.

And, if you enjoy this game as much as I think you do, I am sure your path will be rewarding.

07-20-2002, 09:14 PM
NO offense intended..
But it sounds to me like you played this all wrong..

You have to learn to control your speed based on the individual..

Some Pigeons will learn to give you their money, if you politely show them some shots that they are executing wrong..
Do not tell them.. (that is just being stupid)..

Show them..
If they miss a rail shot.. Play your whitey to the same spot they were in (with your ball being object of course), then look them in the eye, and make the shot with great shape..

A good pigeon, who wants to move out of his pen, will watch the shot, the spin, and the way you make the shot, and will be glad to give you a few dollars..

Now if you want the big money, again, control your speed..
If the other players speed control is better than yours.. Pay up, and try them again next week..

The learning curve is endless..

I'm known as a bit of a money player in my very small area..
But people do let me play for funsies.. I go to my local all the time, have a few beers, a couple of lefties, and goof around hitting the balls with guys that I play for money all the time..

They have also learned that when I am drinking, or smoking funsies, I do not play for money.. Simple.. I never break the rule, I never even hedge on the rule a bit.. If they want to play for money, they all know that all they have to do is ask, and I will gladly meet them the next day and will be playing for real..

They understand all of the above, and enjoy the break and the funsies as well..


07-20-2002, 09:37 PM
You don't realise how much I needed those words. I can tell you are one cool M.F.

07-20-2002, 10:32 PM
Tom, you seem to be a man blessed with the gift of not giving a damn what people think about you. I don't posess such an important quality. I used to get up at six, get to the pool hall for 6:50, shoot from 7 to 7:45, go to woerk play for an hour on lunch and then practice for 3 hours in the afternoon just to be good, just to play for free. You know what I was told, yeah but you still can't play for cash. I got a teacher, who ended up trying to hustle me, when I quit him he told me I wouldn't be anything in this game. I started playing for 2 and 5 dollars. I'd win, you know what them ba&*&^% had the nerve to say, that's not real money. So I jumped to 20 then 50 then 100 a game 200 or more a set. Now we have respect but we no longer see the smiles and good cheer we once saw. Yeah I know, its of my creation. But the pool scene in my area feeds this mentality. Here, C players gamble man, people who can't even draw much less stop baby on the button gamble man, and will challenge you. Know you can rearrange their whole bank account and financial future. All they want is the correct weight. Its insane. People who have no inkling of the rules to this beast gamble. That's insane. I can't stand when a superior player is clowned cause he won't gamble, any player. If a man is better he is better and that's what I'm caught up " This isn't like foot ball, nobody pays you for yardage. You keep score real simple, the one who goes home with the money." Bert THE HUSTLER. These words are heavy true or false they are heavy. They hypnotised me in the middle of my growth. Aint it a damn shame.

07-21-2002, 02:27 AM
Hang on a sec here...maybe I'm misunderstanding, but didn't you say you went after everyone with a vengence, that KungFu statement you made? For two years, you've trained everyone around to view you in a certain light. Now because you decided you want to play for fun once in awhile, you can't expect everyone to take a step back and say, OK, he's just playing for fun today. You created a reputation and it's not going to be that easy to change.

The path you took was only one of several different ways to go about bettering your game, but it certainly wasn't the only choice you had.


07-21-2002, 05:45 AM
I've never witnessed a pool scene that is as ridged as you discribe. If you can't find the funsy games it is not the pool scenes fault it's more like a personal problem. Although the pool gambling sub-culture surely exists it is one that can be entered and exited at will. If I were you I'd work on my personal skills of communication and see if that brings back the pure joy of playing the game with friends. Your ragging on a situation in pool that you will get no sympathy for from experienced and knowledgable players. It like drugs; just say no.

07-21-2002, 06:57 AM
Howdy Mr.Kahn,

Are u COMPLAINING or BRAGING ? u confused the heck out of me!cheers

07-21-2002, 09:37 AM
I think you hit it right on the head. And if anyone misunderstood my ramblings to be boasting, i do aspologize. There is a psychological aspect to this game and scene that i truly wasn't aware of. I thought this might be the place to learn that aspect.

07-21-2002, 10:02 AM

I do care about what people think about me, always have.

But I have learned not to think about that or anyother distraction while playing.

I feel sorry for you and your situation. Maybe its time to move on to a bigger city. You'll have to work even harder to stay than you will if you go to a new city.

Either way, good luck

07-21-2002, 02:07 PM
You reap what you sow. If you want people's perception of you to change, you must start with you. I know that sounds trite, but roll it around in your head for a while. You've spent a lot of time training folks to look at you in a certain way. Be prepared to spend twice as much time changing that. You can have your cake and eat it too, you just have to spend twice as much time in the kitchen! /ccboard/images/icons/smile.gif