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01-27-2007, 10:14 PM
I have a palmer cue that was custom made for me 30 years ago. It has inlaid ebony points, nickel joint and irish linen wrap. Believe it is made of rosewood. The cue is 18ounces with a 12 millimeter shaft. Had it professionaly refinished 10 years ago and it looks like new. Have no intention of ever selling it but am curious as to what it may be worth. Have been told the value is at least 1200. Paid 140 for it.

01-28-2007, 07:43 AM
There are always three prices:
1. The price you want.
2. The price it's worth.
3. The price someone is willing to pay.

$1200 sounds close......SPF=randyg

Pizza Bob
01-29-2007, 06:23 AM
Try going here...


Chris - aside from being a great guy - is a Palmer authority and a member of this board (he'll likely chime-in on this thread).



Pizza Bob

Scott Lee
01-30-2007, 09:09 AM
Bob...You're right about Chris, but don't forget...Randy had probably the largest collection of Palmer cues, in the world (over 1000 cues, all Palmers), at one time...so he is also a pretty good authority.

Scott Lee