View Full Version : Strickland vrs. Bustamante last 16 racks

07-21-2002, 04:13 PM
From the Worl Pool Championship web site..


Rack 32: Three balls go down on the break but Earl loses the cue ball and leaves a fraught long pot on the 3-ball. He makes it and has position on the 3-ball. It’s looking good for Earl. He makes the 7 in the top right pocket, the 8 in the middle bag and rolls the 9-ball in for victory. 17-15 Strickland. Earl Strickland is 2002 Hasseroder World Pool Champion.

Rack 31: One down on the break, Earl looks good with the balls out in the open. The tough one is the brown 7 on the rail and he makes it and the 8 and 9 to get to the hill. 16 - 15 Strickland.

Rack 30: Earl gets a ball on the break and starts to run out but a tricky green 6 leaves him no option than to play safe but with the break cue part of Busta's arsenal he almost pockets the 6-ball. There are four balls left on the table and Strickland has no trouble making an awkward clearance. 15 - 15.

Rack 29: Busta makes it two scratches apiece as he gives the break too much. Earl doesn't hang about and dishes up in double quick time. 15 - 14.

Rack 28: Strickland, needing some luck on the break, makes the 5-ball but finds the 1-ball buried in a cluster. He makes a great shot to clip it into the middle bag and keep position for the blue 2. The 3 goes next but Earl leaves the cue right up against the 4-ball. With no other shot on, Strickland rolls the white down table behind the 9-ball. Busta is a little heavy on the escape shot and leaves the pink 5 on. Dramatically Earl misses and Francisco clears the remainder of the table including a very difficult 7-ball to go 15 - 13 ahead.

Rack 27: Busta scratches in the top left pocket as he loses control on the break. With ball in hand Earl keeps his nerve to run out. 14 - 13.

Rack 26: The 3 and 7 go in off Earl's break but a weak safety gives Bustamate the chance to pot the 1-ball along the top rail. He takes it but leaves himself a tough angle on the 3. That goes down and Django makes a tough clearance to reassert himself. 14 - 12.

Rack 25: The 4-ball drops off the break for Busta but an elementary 1 / 9 fails to go in. Earl then plays a quality snooker which Busta scratches trying to extricate himself from. Strickland needs a big shot to go from 3 to 5 and he makes it superbly. He runs the rest of the rack to get to 13 - 12.

Rack 24: Woe for Strickland as he makes three balls on the break but sees the cue ball fly off the table. The balls look well set for Busta and with ball in hand, he runs out to increase the lead to two racks. 13 - 11.

Rack 23: The 1 and 4 disappear off the break but Francisco has to play safe. Earl plays a decent shot to make contact with the blue 3 and leave the cue ball safe. Busta is able to connect with the blue but leaves the table at Strickland's mercy. He duly disposes of the remaining balls to win the rack. 12 - 11 Django.

Rack 22: Strickland makes the 3-ball on the break but a hashed safety leaves Busta a 1 / 9 carom for the rack. He executes it superbly to seize the initiative. 12 - 10.

Rack 21: Earl makes a ball on the break but the table looks a little tricky. After being on his seat for a period, Strickland makes a high quality clearance to pull another one back. 11 - 10 Django.

Rack 20: Busta breaks off and the green 6 drops but the 1-ball is obscured by the red 3. He makes a push out and Earl plays a good kick shot but the 1-ball looks to be on for Busta. He rolls it in along the rail, long-pots the 2-ball and then snookers Strickland behind the 8-ball. Earl kicks out again to leave Busta in trouble behind the brown 7. He makes contact with the 3-ball but leaves an open table for Earl. He nearly scratches pocketing the pink but holds his nerve to clear the table. 11 - 9.

Rack 19: Bad luck for The Pearl as he scratches off the break to give Busta an open table. A very patient run out further increases the margin. 11 - 8.

Rack 18: The 8-ball goes down from Bustamante's break but the white ends up in a cluster near the top rail. Busta pushes out but Earl makes him play again. Busta then hides the cue ball behind the 9 at the other ends of the table but Earl makes a brilliant kick to take the initiative. A superb long cut on the 2-ball with A1 position on the 3 puts Earl in the driving seat. He clears to go 10 - 8 behind.

Rack 17: Another solid break from the Filipino sees two balls go down and the rest of the table looking good. Busta runs out to get into double figures. 10 - 7 Django.

After 16 racks, Bustamante leads 10-6.