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02-24-2002, 01:18 AM
Grady,,, you are an intelligent person and i know you have vast knowledge on the games of pool.But may i ask you why you get on here and bash people and tournaments all the time. I do not know what has happened between you and Alan Hopkins. But do you honestly think that this is the proper forum for you to take things out on him. Or to bash him. Grady.. you have more class than that. I have met and even talked to you on several occasions. I honestly feel that there must be a better way for you to resolve this problem with Alan. Which i hope you do. Do not take this note wrong grady. I have alot of respect for your game and your knowledge. But i feel that you getting on here and bashing him like this is degrading to your reputation. Some people in this world will never accomplish what you have done for this sport. It is not healthy for you to continue on like this. To much stress can cause health problems.......mike

p.s. see you at the open in september

02-24-2002, 10:06 AM
Mike, You know, the Allies knew about Hitler and what he was doing and they took no action.Adolf, by the way was Times' "Man Of The Year" in 35' or 36'.Hopkins is very Hitlerlike in his dealings with what I have thought of as MY sport.
I won and I lost many times to Buddy and Nick and Sigel and Earl and I love those guys, win or lose.Hopkins is the most stuck-up, phony man I've ever known.Everything that is good about NYC and it's immediate environs came out after Sept.11th.But Hopkins and Frankie Hernendez and some others epitomize everything bad about that area and that says plenty.
He has no friends except for two that I know of.He takes virtually all the money in all his dealings and he is a career liar.Wade Crane, Danny Diliberto, Buddy Hall, Nick Varner and a host of other great players and I have always helped each other out with getting work, personal matters and even things financial.We trust each other and have friendships that transcend normal relationships.But you can't be friends with a snake like Hopkins.
There were reasons why most of us didn't go to his majesty's part of the country to gamble and it certainly wasn't because we didn't think we could win:if you won a set, it was all over(they quit)- If they won a set and you won the second set, it was all over-If they won 2 sets and you won one back it was all over,etc. ad nauseum.They cheated and you might not get out with the money if you won.
I could go on and on but why? Again, if anyone is serious about knowing what's what just ask anybody who knows us well and keep it off the record and you'll see what the truth is.

02-24-2002, 01:01 PM
A wise football coach once said "I've discovered that the less I say, the more rumors I start." I think Grady should heed this advise and I will rest assured that players and promoters come an go but pool is forever.