View Full Version : ArmorAll Shaft Cleaner???

07-21-2002, 04:33 PM
Just bought a CueTec from a guy that needed money and while cleaning it's soft case I thought I would try some ArmorAll Cleaner and Polish on the cue as it was almost new but a little sticky. It turned out really great and the shaft is extremely slick and smooth. I haven't tried it on a wood shaft yet as none of mine need it but I do wonder about the possibilities. If anyone tries it let me know. First CueTec I've ever tried but its a better stick for breaking than my Lucasi breaker and of course I certainly prefer my Schon for playing.

07-23-2002, 12:53 PM
Never heard of that before. Doesn't sound like the best thing to do to a wooden shaft though. I wouldn't experiement with your shooting sticks. Maybe you should go to K-mart and by one of those cheap $20 sticks and then see what happens. Good luck.

07-23-2002, 03:50 PM
I've never tried AmorAll on my non-wood cue shafts. I do have several (one graphite, one fiberglass) and I use a spray furniture polish (like Pledge..except I use a cheaper Walmart version) and it works great.

The trick I have found is to just spray a tiny bit on a soft cloth and wipe the shaft down with it, then I use a clean cloth to wipe it completely dry. Makes the shaft really slick and smooth and it seems to last for quite awhile. Before learning to do this, I tried just wiping the shaft down with a soapy cloth and then wiping it dry but I like the Pledge way of doing it much better.

I've even used this on wood cue shafts and it works good on them, too.