View Full Version : The Worlds Greatest Golfer

02-19-2007, 02:28 PM
Most folks might just say Tiger Woods....but they wouldnt even come close.
Its Kim Jung-Il himself:
" Pyongyang media say North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il enjoys golf, having shot multiple holes-in-one during his first try at the game. He reportedly aced five holes and finished 38 under par on the golf course. The "Great Leader" routinely shoots three or four holes-in-one per round, the government-controlled media reported."
And at 5'2"...and 65 yrs old...an amazing feat!!!
web page (http://www.worldtribune.com/worldtribune/WTARC/2004/ea_nkorea_06_16.html)
He also knows how to get things done....after seeing a stalled Japanese car on his way to visit his Fathers enbalmed body, he has ordered the siezure of all Japanese cars. Sounds like a great idea for the U.S. to consider
web page (http://www.news24.com/News24/World/News/0,9294,2-10-1462_2071303,00.html)
In his spare time he flies fighter jets, and has shot down 53 aircraft.....it's a peacetime record!!!