View Full Version : 15 Planks of the "New Conservative" Platform

03-04-2007, 09:25 AM
This was sent to me in an e-mail, got to admit I agree.

15 Planks of the "New Conservative" Platform

1. Worship government.

2. Drool over our leaders as long as they have a (R) next to their name.

3. The Constitution is meaningless, especially if you believe in its ideals.

4. Higher taxes are good as long as our leaders with an(R) give us an extra few hundred bucks a year.

5. Worship jack-booted thugs in ski masks who carry out the policies of said leaders.

6. Big government is good and so is the welfare state.

7. If you believe citizens should be able to defend themselves, you are a "gun nut".

8. If you criticize government, you are a traitor to the empire.

9. Any discussions regarding the FED and IRS are to be deemed crazy and for "subversives".

10. It is important to ego-identify with said leaders and "believe" you are part of the establishment.

11. Our rights are granted to us by government not the other way around.

12. Read The Prince and apply its principles.

13. Jefferson, Madison and Washington are relics and their warnings about tyrannical government are alarmist and untrue.

14. Irving Kristol and Leo Strauss are great Americans.

15. Your government loves you and would never lie to you.