View Full Version : How often do you use closed vs. open bridge?

03-11-2007, 01:40 PM
I'm assuming here that most people use both at different times.

I find it a bit easier to aim with an open bridge, but I learned that a closed bridge was better. I'm not really sure why a closed bridge is supposed to be better, though. So I'm curious what other people do, and what you think about the pros and cons of each.

03-11-2007, 02:39 PM
I use an open bridege on nearly all shots. More importantly, on the relatively few matches I have on tape, it seems that these particular pros use an open bridge on more shots than a closed one (but I haven't really counted).

A closed bridge is supposed to aid in keeping the cue traveling in a straight line. While this may be true, it could also be questioned whether it actually accomplishes this. It's easy to wobble the cue sideways back and forth even with a closed bridge, though not as easy as with an open one. But it may provide enough torque to oppose some slight swooping actions which would result in missed shots, since it doesn't take much torque applied by the grip hand to move the stick off-line enough for a miss.

I purchased a cheap laser a while ago to measure just how much it provides, but never got around to doing the tests.

From a "feel" point of view, I would guess that it does give you a little more stability.


03-11-2007, 06:05 PM
Open bridge except power shots, either draw or lots of top with spin, and depending on the shot, sometimes off the rail.

03-12-2007, 03:53 AM
i'm having trouble getting the closed bridge under control. I've always used the open bridge (i played a lot of snooker when i was younger) and i thought it might be fun to learn to use the closed bridge. but i just can't find a way to do it right, i can't get it stable because the rail is in the way of the butt of my cue. the loop through which the cue travels is too close to the table. when i use an open bridge, the cue is elevated somewhat and it doesn't touch the rail. what am i doing wrong??

03-12-2007, 07:02 AM
I started out using an open bridge all the time.

Then I learned that a closed bridge would help to keep the tip in contact with the cue ball when shooting off center, so started using a closed bridge for those shots. (Helps to prevent a miscue.)

These days I mostly use a closed bridge. But if it is a long straight in shot with center hit, I'll use an open bridge so I can "see" better.

03-12-2007, 07:21 AM
<blockquote><font class="small">Quote whipy:</font><hr> i'm having trouble getting the closed bridge under control...<hr /></blockquote>

The basic idea of a bridge open or closed is to support the cue. Keep it from moving.

With an open bridge, it supports the cue from moving left/right. With closed, it supports the cue from moving left/right and up/down.

One thing people do not consider is that different people have different length fingers. Different size hands. A young kid can't make a bridge like an adult can.

Someone will come along and tell someone to make their bridge exactly "like this". Well that may work for the first person, but may be uncomfortable for the second person!

So I say do what works best for YOU and is comfortable. Hint: To elevate the cue a bit, might want to try turning your wrist a bit so your fingers are up in the air more. So long as the cue is supported firmly from moving left/right and up/down, then you have a good bridge.

And sometimes the cue ball is on the rail near a corner pocket. I might need to contort my fingers any which way to make a bridge.

I just do what works best under the circumstances. Other times if near a rail, I might rest the cue on the rail and loop my fingers over the top of the cue only. Again, whatever works!

03-12-2007, 07:34 AM
I never used an open bridge for the first 25 years I played. When living in Europe I saw and played against many snooker players and started to use it as it gives a better visual plane when sighting. For power strokes, I use the classic closed bridge and on shot shots where I have less concern for accuracy.


03-12-2007, 08:03 AM
As a general rule I use an open hand bride when striking the cue ball above center, and a closed-hand bridge when cueing center cue ball or lower. If your stroke and mechanics are smooth and sound, I think a player can use whatever is stable. At the lowest tip positions, an open hand bridge may force unnecessary elevation or a tight grip hand to maintain cue stability. I've seen people who like the open bridge ruin their shooting by forcing the open bridge at a max draw tip position. I've seen shooters who like the closed bridge use it instead of an open hand bridge when the open bridge would give them a better sight line and it would get the covering finger out of the way for people who put their heads low (chin on or near the cue). /ccboard/images/graemlins/wink.gif

03-12-2007, 01:12 PM
Thanks for all of your comments. It makes me feel less "pressure" to use a closed bridge when I'd be more comfortable with an open one.

It seems like many of you are saying that it's a myth that a closed bridge improves the stroke.