View Full Version : CAT first day

02-24-2002, 10:28 AM
For those who thought Kelly would not show up for the Chesapeake Area Tour at Laurel, you were all wrong. She was there in a field of 39 which was considered a good tournout for the event. She and Dr. D were at opposite ends of the chart and not due to play until later today but Dr. D left early and the match will have to wait. They did play on adjacent tables and I saw no elbows flying.

CarolNYC will play Kelly later today in the losers' bracket if Carol wins her first match of the day. Kelly was put there by Liz Schwartzreich who I'm told is down from NEWT. Also on the winners' side are Amanda Smith, Sueyen Rhee and Linda Shea.

Carol started off slow and I had to slap her around to wake her up. I missed Friday night which I was told was very interesting but Gayle filled me in on the details.