View Full Version : 314 Pivot Point Discrepancies - Robot

03-22-2007, 11:17 AM
When I do the "pivot point" test on my cue with a Predator 314 shaft, it seems to me that the "pivot point" is way back near the butt of the cue. Other players (on RSB) seem to think the same as I do.

However Platinum Billiards robot tests show the 314 pivot point as being 11.8 inches back from the tip.

I wonder if the difference between the robot's testing and my testing is that the robot may tightly "clamp" the cue at the butt and bridge - not giving any "leeway" left/right, but my hand and fingers have a soft skin "cushion" which has "give" left/right.

So when the robot shoots, the shaft of the cue is held tightly in place and will not move any to the left/right except for play in the shaft itself???

But when I shoot, there is left/right "give" or "play" because my fingers are soft and allow the shaft to move a little left/right.


03-22-2007, 02:17 PM
Everything I've read says that only the last 6" or so near the tip counts. I think there is more chance that the discrepancy is the result of errors with the aim-and-pivot test (ie, getting the cueball to spin in place, it shouldn't on full hit because of throw and post-impact swerve). You might try wetting the contact area to eliminate throw, and concentrate on getting the object ball to go straight (paying no attention to what the cueball does afterwards).

I would be very interested in knowing what your results were after using these modifications.


03-22-2007, 03:10 PM
Agreed, their numbers don't seem very consistent with real-world observations. And to call a cue with an 8.3" pivot "high deflection", a 9.1" "medium deflection", and a 10.7" "low deflection" borders on the ridiculous.

If those pivot numbers were real, the compensation for low- and high-squirt shafts would be nearly identical, which doesn't seem to be reported anywhere.

I'd have to agree with you - the Platinum tests don't do a very good job of mimicing real-world squirt, though they do at least seem to get the cues in a reasonable pecking order.