View Full Version : More "My Way Or Highway" From Bush

Gayle in MD
04-02-2007, 09:26 AM
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The White House dismissed on Sunday a possible U.S. Senate compromise to allow testimony by officials over the firing of federal prosecutors, which has embroiled President George W. Bush's administration in controversy and led to calls for his attorney general to quit.


Here we have the National Review calling for Gonzales's removal, or resignation, and the decider, is stone walling. Having already replaced four dozen AG slots with Bushy insiders, who do they think their kidding???

Specter is a joke. Always comes out like he's outraged, than follows up by smoothing the way for more of Bush's abuse of power.

Face The Nation and Meet The Press, were extremely revealing on sunday. The White House statements about this issue, along with their BS about Iraq, are absolutely incredible! They are going to live to regret their position, IMO. Others will be interrogated during the following weeks, and either the truth will surface, or we will see an unprecedented number of D.O.J. people, taking the fifth. Hence, the W.H. is trying to get Gonzales in there before the scheduled date, April 17th, to answer questions, or to continue to try to chalk up lies, and corruption, to what the White House is calling "Mistakes were made"...their same excuse for Iraq, Katrina, Walter Reed, Gitmo, you name it, mistakes were made, but always, made over and over again! They are way overdue for oversight, and their protestations of Democrats playing politics, for doing their jobs, is really a joke, and an insult to the Congress, and to our constitution, which provides for separation of powers, and Congressional oversight.

However one looks at it, I hope they continue to stone wall everything. In the process, they are destroying their credibility, and angering the American People in the process.

Gayle in Md.