View Full Version : "Release" the stroke?

phil in sofla
07-23-2002, 02:57 PM
In an effort to use a very light grip, my stroke has changed over time to almost a slip stroke level of free floating. It feels like I'm giving the cue stick almost a toss out of my hand, which I thought was the desirable technique.

Despite having a fairly long follow through with this method, maybe 10 inches or more, it appears I have not been accelerating through the ball hit much if at all, at least on some shots. As you might expect, this ends up with far less action on the cue ball than I expect to get, and sometimes, very different shape on my next shot than I planned on.

Trying a little firmer grip throughout, and maybe a light squeeze as of the impact, and trying to feel the tip driving through the cue ball, seems like a better idea, and certainly puts more stroke action on the cue ball. But then, when am I supposed to feel the release? Sometime after the hit is through? Or, once I grip a little bit as of reaching contact with the cue ball, am I just going to be gripping the cue stick firmly from then on, and actually, achieving no release?

07-23-2002, 03:11 PM
For what it is worth. My input is that the grip pressure should remain constant throughout the stroke for consistent results. If you have a light grip pressure some slippage (1" to 2") may occur on certain shots. It needs to be something that happens naturally as your stroke improves not something that is forced. Remember "You can throw the cue but there is a catch to it."
Good luck.