View Full Version : Stance For Jumps

07-23-2002, 05:21 PM
I am having a hell of a time getting a new Stealth to work for me and wondered this morning whether I may be standing too square at the table for this stroke. I adopted a more square stance for normal play and it turned out well for me in regular shooting, so I figured to use it globally including the jump shot. Now I am finding that not only did the Frog/Tadpole JCs not come to life for me, the Stealth in all it's praise and glory won't either.

I worked just a few minutes before work trying to stand my old fashion 45 degrees to the ball and elevate on my toes of the rear foot and it seemed as if I did get some improvement, nothing "to write home about" though. All you medium height or moderately short players: "How do you square up with the jump shot at the table?"

Btw, My Lucasi JC gives me no trouble in my square stance, go figure. Maybe jumpers are unique between players...sid~~~should have possibly left well enough alone and stood by the Lucasi

Mr Ingrate
07-23-2002, 06:39 PM

Go to the instroke site and download the instructions for using the bungee jumper with the "dart" stroke. Should work equally well with the "air time". I use the dart stroke for all my jump shots and finds it works very well.