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07-23-2002, 06:12 PM
Some time back I asked about ferrule composition and color. I wanted the same material with a slight yellow tint. I eventually sent my shaft in to Schön, mostly because of the threaded ferrule. It did come back looking pretty white. I think all along I must have been looking at the ferrule in the wrong light. My other shafts/ferrules are a little more yellow but it's only a very slight difference. I'm sure it's due to the age of the shafts.

Well enough about that, the shaft was suppose to take 2 days in the shop. About 10 days after Schön received the shaft, I sent Evan an email. Evan had told me earlier that the shop closed the last two weeks in July. I explained I wanted it back if possible before they closed. In his next email to me he said, The shaft is on the way NC. That made me very happy. Not just the fact it was on the way, but it is my guess he understood it was late and felt a need to satisfy a customer. After all it could hardly be under warranty after 13 years.
I felt the need to say the guys at Schön Cues are a good bunch to deal with, especially Evan. Just for the record he sent it back second day FedEx Air. I had shipped it second day air to them. I have always loved the hit of my cue, provided I have a tip I like. I'll have to take it for a test drive tommorrow, it's my favorite shaft. BTW I did send him an email with a thank you.

~~~rod likes schön cues

07-23-2002, 09:06 PM
Christ sakes Ron...try a custom cue!! Kidding of course. I played with a schon for years, but I did eventually move to the flat faced phenolic joint(sp?). Unlike you, I've still been trying to find the cue that doesn't miss! It's not my fault, it's definately the cue. One of these days, I'll find the magical instrument and then... watch out Earl!



07-24-2002, 07:49 PM
Doug they told me it was custom and made balls. It's a little late but I think they lied to me. Of course they didn't say how many. I'm going to try one of those phenolic joints one of these days. It should move the balance point towards the butt. Mine is a little to far forward. I don't think I've ever owned anything but a steel or brass jont except my cut off McDermott as a jump cue.