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04-25-2007, 09:45 AM
I am trying to remember a game I played as a kid. I believe it was called 21 but I am not sure. As best I remember the rules were as follows:

Number of players: 1 - unlimited

A ball placed in front of each pocket and the 8 ball is placed on the footspot.

The first player has ball in hand and attempts to pocket as many balls possible without touching the 8 ball. If one ball is pocketed the same player continues. If multiple balls are pocketed score one point for each additional ball, i.e. 2 balls on one shot = 1 point; 3 balls = 2 points; etc...

If players make all six balls they have the opportunity to shoot the 8 ball into a called pocket. Making the 8 ball is worth 3 points. The table is reset and the same player continues.

If no balls are pocketed, or any ball makes contact with the 8 ball, it is the end of that players turn. The table is reset and the next player shoots.

The first player to 21 or more wins. Each player gets the same number of turns. In the event of a tie play continutes until a player has the highest score.

If a ball is knocked out from in front of a pocket but a different ball is made on that turn play continues.

If players are of unequal ability the more advanced player can set the balls further from the pockets on their turns.

Balls pocketed on a shot that ends in a foul do not score any points.

I hope that explains the game well enough for someone to recognize it. Does anyone know the real name of the game and where I might could find a formal set of rules? /ccboard/images/graemlins/confused.gif


04-25-2007, 04:18 PM
It sounds similar to a game I know as "kitchen". Except there are no points. You start in the kitchen (behind headstring) and can shoot at anything but the ball in the center of the table. If you hit a ball you must pocket it. After the first shot, your opponent calls what ball you shoot next. After the first shot the cueball cannot land in the kitchen. If so, you lose. If a ball is hit and not pocketed, you lose. The center ball must be made last in the pocket you call. There are also a lot of variations to this game but it is something different to play.