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07-23-2002, 08:08 PM
Ok I worked with the Stealth AGAIN, tried all of the Bungee instructions(even though I hop great with my Lucasi already) and the best I got was modest results with the Stealth NO MATTER THE STYLE! Sooooo, I merely laid that cue down, quick assembled the Lucasi, walked into the jump I was working with and BAM! hop-o-matic! Either this Stealth has a far inferior tip or else the Lucasi simply has much more jumpability(I choose #2.)

Before anyone dives into a Stealth they should try a Lucasi first. It has a quick release and it jumps AND makes balls too. Lesson learned, "Don't let yourself get consumed by testimonials, play with various jump cues and see if they hold up to their praises." sid~~~will hold the Stealth in "as new" condition and re-capture his investment from someone else determined that the Stealth is a must have

"If you have something that works, don't screw with it"

07-23-2002, 09:28 PM
That surprises me, Sid. I learned to jump with mine quite easily. I have a lot of work left to perfect it though. LOL /ccboard/images/icons/smile.gif I also have two friends that have jumped for quite a while. One has a custom, break/jump, and I'm not sure what the other one has. Both of them loved the Stealth. I have no idea if either have ever tried the Lucasi. While I was in Olathe this weekend, one of these two asked to borrow my jumper for the tournament. He used it a few times and thanked me for letting him use it. In fact, I saw him at the pool hall tonight and he thanked me again. I'm pretty sure he's planning on buying one.

Scott Lee
07-23-2002, 11:53 PM
sid...I did have some folks who decided to put a different tip on the Stealth, and liked that better. Not sure why it doesn't seem to work for you, but surely there will be someone who wants yours. I'll try to steer someone to you.


07-24-2002, 06:03 AM

If we get together again, I'll let you try my Meucci JC. It has a "Bungee" tip on it. I think that is the one thing that made the difference for me.

I'm imagining the light weight of the Stealth, coupled with the rock hardness of the Bungee tip...

...Signs will need to be posted at Click's that read:

"Watch for flying objects"



Ralph S.
07-24-2002, 06:35 AM
On the subject of jump rods, I got hold of one of the frog jump cues from Robin Dodson's line she is selling. I think they retail around $80 but I got this one brand new for $40. I don't really like the design or color, but the thing jumps very incredibly well. I still would like to find a jump cue like a local friend of mine has, it is a McDermott jump cue with the brass ferrule. It is hands down the best jump rod I have ever use<referring to the McDermott>.
Ralph S.

07-24-2002, 06:43 AM
Stickman, I don't know if it may just not be my ergononics and nothing else. Like I said, the Frog was so dissapping when I ordered it a long time ago that I had it back to Robin within the week but I probably didn't hit 20 or 30 balls with it. I could out jump it with my play stick, and I'd feel more confident using the play cue instead of the Stealth today.

Scott, It will be a silent cue until I get the investment back from someone wanting it at what you sold it to me for, minus the shipping. I would not be the slightest bit surprised to find that the tip is too soft compared to my Lucasi, it sure "plays regularly" more easily than the Lucasi. Just doesn't have the same jumpability as the Lucasi I own does. As far as changing the tip...I really have a big caution sign against investing ten bucks in a Bungee tip and the added $$$ for the install, on a cue that I am going to most likely want to re-capture the lost money on if it's still a dud for me. I doubt that I'd get that last money back, so unless I run across somebody locally who has a Stealth/Bungee tip combo to let me try, I've given up on this stick.

rackmup, I'd be interested to get you to hit with the Stealth to see what you thought about the tip/cue combination. Your jumper is heavier than either JC I have now, so I am not to sure that it would be an equal comparison to have me ping with yours. I would enjoy trying it, just that I don't know that it would prove anything about the Stealth's jump proficiency.

BUT, who know if the Lucasi might not just jump better that this cue? It does for me today...sid~~~jus' ain't gonna be buyin' so fast no mo

07-24-2002, 11:21 AM
<blockquote><font class="small">Quote: Sid_Vicious:</font><hr> will hold the Stealth in "as new" condition and re-capture his investment from someone else determined that the Stealth is a must have<hr></blockquote>I'll offer you $40 for that old used piece of crap that doesn't even work!

SPetty~~~tried that ploy in Vegas and it worked!

07-24-2002, 11:43 AM
As Al Borland would say, "I don't think so Tim." But now you add enough Cuervo Gold to that and the price gets cheaper ;-) sid