View Full Version : Leiberman's Dumbest Statement Yet!

Gayle in MD
04-26-2007, 12:14 PM
"We delude ourselves if we think we can wave a legislative wand and suddenly our troops in the field will be able to distinguish between al-Qaida terrorism or sectarian violence. Or that Iraqis will suddenly settle their political differences because our troops are leaving," Lieberman said.

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He's listing the very reasons why we should leave! Neither of his stated fantasies will occur if we stay, either!

To frame this surge as a new policy is dishonest on its face. Bush has done this atleast four times, and every single time, the violence increased.

They're claiming small progress, as American fatalities have increased in Iraq. The more we send, the more we will lose. Saving face is a poor reason to continue an unwinnable war. Prolonging it provides no purpose, or advantage, in fighting terrorism. We're being used as pawns by Iran, al Qaeda and Syria, while Isreal does absolutely nothing to contribute.

When a president has mismanaged a war to such a great extent, he deserves to be held to the very benchmarks that Democrats are demanding. We know we'll never get the truth out of Bush about anything. Hence, we should be well aware of what this corrupt Iraqi Government is failing to implement.

Bush had four years with no oversight to succeed in Iraq, and created a situation dire and degrading, while firing every general who spoke the truth about his flawed policy, and why it was not reasonable, then he follows that up by
demanding his way or the highway. What a nerve!

Reid is a hero for speaking the truth. Time will reveal more dishonesty, and how Bush allowed our soldiers to sacrifice their lives, to save his ego, against all odds, and for no reasonable purpose. The truth will eventually come out. Wars are never won when occupiers face guerilla warfare amidst Civil war.

Gayle in Md.