View Full Version : Bush goes A.W.O.L.

04-29-2007, 10:56 PM
...according to Lieutenant General William E. Odom, U.S. Army, retired,former Director of the National Security Agency...
"In principle, I do not favor Congressional involvement in the execution of U.S. foreign and military policy. I have seen its perverse effects in many cases. The conflict in Iraq is different. Over the past couple of years, the President has let it proceed on automatic pilot, making no corrections in the face of accumulating evidence that his strategy is failing and cannot be rescued.

"Thus, he lets the United States fly further and further into trouble, squandering its influence, money, and blood, facilitating the gains of our enemies. The Congress is the only mechanism we have to fill this vacuum in command judgment......"

"To put this in a simple army metaphor, the Commander-in-Chief seems to have gone AWOL...."
web page (http://www.commondreams.org/archive/2007/04/28/820)

Gayle in MD
04-30-2007, 07:32 AM
I hope the Congress cuts off his money completely. We have plenty enough to bring our people home. Bush, is in no position to damand anything. If ever a president should be held to benchmarks, and accountability, this is it! Harry Reid is absolutely correct in his statements about this concocted illegal war of lies, and Bush should be begging forgiveness, instead of sending his attack dogs out name calling, and demanding anything, from anyone in this country. Impeachment, is the only remedy for this illegal, immoral president, and the rest of his thugs.

General Odem is a hero, along with Congressman Murtha, Senators Reid, Pelosi, Feingold, Feinstien, Kucinich, Kennedy, Biden, the many other outspoken Generals who have had the courage to speak against this illegitimate administration.
Gayle in Md.