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05-04-2007, 03:39 PM
was at our city APA pool tournament last year here in Baton Rouge and there was a guy that had set the tables up that I talked with. Amongst other things he tried to sell me a jump stick. I had tried jumping with my regular stick and could never get anything. He gave me the stick and showed my how to use it. On the first time BAM it jumped nicely. Second time same. My buddy tried it and same. All of a sudden I could jump the ball legally (not scooping). I did not buy it but now wish I had. No one in our league jumps the ball. BUt it looks like with the proper stick this is easy. SO...

I'm looking for advice on what to look for in a decent jump stick. Length or weight? Type of tip? How do you store that little thing in your case?

05-05-2007, 06:33 AM

Most jump cues all come in at about the same size and weight.

I know the APA bans the use of them but other competition allows their use.

You might want to look into a combo jump/break. Easy to carry and use.....randyg

05-05-2007, 07:15 AM
Jump cues use to range from 40" (min length per BCA rules) to 46" orignally, now they range from 40" to 42". Weights range from about 6 oz to 11 oz. A hard tip is desireable since it helps to lift the cue ball more, such tips are hard leather tips, water buffalo tips, and phenolic tips.

Leather tips lend themselves to control over lift, and phenolic tips to lift over control.

I have owned 3 different jump cues, and tried maybe 6 other ones. I recently was a middle man in getting a friend of mine an X-Jumper, the new Jump cue from X-Breaker (Which is a Break/Jump cue). It had the new X2 tip on it which is 79,000 psi, and had a 1/2" bowling ball ferrule. The next hardest tip is phenolic tips at 37,000 psi and 39,000 psi.

The X-Jumper was the Best Jump cue, in my 45 years of playing, that I have shot with. It not only lifts real good, but the cue ball control is very good. It is the one I would recommend to anyone. I plan to get one as soon as I can. I did a review of it on AZBilliards.com forum about

As for your case, what kind do you have? There are cases that have a 'Jump Butt' pocket in them seperate from the long pocket on most cases, and that is where you store the Jump butt. The shaft goes into the normal shaft slots, provided you have room for it. I have a 3 (butts) x 5 shaft
case, and also have a seperate jump butt pocket beside my long pocket on my case. If you are serious about the game, you need at least a 2 x 4 case, or a 3 x 5/6 case.

05-05-2007, 05:12 PM
Thanks for the info. I have a mid level case with 4 shafts and two butts. No jump cue slot. Wonder if I could put a spacer in the bottom of one? But no. I still need the other butt for my break stick unless I get the combo break and junp as another post suggested. Maybe it's time for a new case ehh? I also double checked my APA rules and jump sticks are forbidden. Anyway thanks for the info. I am serious about the game but I still only play for fun. Full time job, kids, house that whole bit. BUt when I play I will do what it takes to win (except cheat) and truly love the competion and one on one challenge. ONe thing I hate is all the sandbagging. I just can;t see how some of these people who play so much league play but spend so much time losing to control their handicap. I would rather be bad az good and win than cheat and win. Either that or lose to a better but honest player.

05-12-2007, 09:28 AM
A Pool Cue Case, with 2 locations for Butts & 4 locations for shafts, can work very nicely for a Play Cue, a Break Cue & a properly designed Jump Cue. I have one of these setups myself. The jump cue is 46 inches long.

05-12-2007, 06:41 PM
So how exactly does that work??

05-13-2007, 07:10 AM
Personally, I would get a new case that had a seperate jump butt pocket, BUT if you don't want to do that, Scorpion sells a leather jump butt case only that can clip onto your regular case. It sells for $20. Here is where I first got one:
(go to END, and then page UP 3 or 4 times, it is SCJC)

Michael J's cues (http://www.michaeljscues.com/scorpion_fiberglass_cues___accessories.htmhttp://www.michaeljscues.com/scorpion_fiberglass_cues___accessories.htmhttp://www.michaeljscues.com/scorpion_fiberglass_cues___accessories.htmhttp://www.michaeljscues.com/scorpion_fiberglass_cues___accessories.htm)

05-15-2007, 12:22 PM
I recently traded for an x-breaker jump/ break cue
and I'm impressed.