View Full Version : Pew Polls Show Only 25% Still Republican....

Gayle in MD
05-07-2007, 09:49 AM
Poll numbers don't yet reflect a massive moderate exodus. Still, Michael Dimock of the Pew Research Center says that Republican party identification has dropped "quite a bit." In 2002, 30 percent of Americans identified themselves as Republicans, 31 percent as Democrats. This year it's 25 percent Republican, 33 percent Dems. Independents, Dimock says, are leaning "much more Democratic."


There may be hope for diplomacy and for war as a last resort, democracy, and the preservation and protection of the Law, and the Constitution, if this trend maintains itself.

We may just end up with a huge Democratic majority again, and the possibility of a balanced budget, an escape from the economic two class system Bush and the neocons dream of, and end to the religious fanaticism which is destroying our right to privacy, and promoting civil unrest against woment and gays, and who knows, maybe even a Federal Government, including a Department of Justice, which is not owned and operated by the Republican National Committee!

Gayle in Md.