View Full Version : Lorri - Sick Predator BK

07-24-2002, 05:49 AM
The Predator BK I just bought a month ago,...the tip came flying off. I know I am powerful (he he), but I did not expect that to happen.


07-24-2002, 06:04 AM
Good morning:

Contact your vendor, or Predator, for a repair. Needless to say, short of definitive abuse, this should be a warranty issue.

Dr. D.

07-24-2002, 06:24 PM
Just a couple of thoughts on my Predator BK experiences:

About a month ago, while burnishing the tip on one of my two BK shafts, the tip popped off. It only had glue on 3/4 of the contact area (between the ferrule and tip.) I took it back to Hawley's and they repaired it while I waited.

Last week, while playing an extended set of 9-ball (about eight hours), I split the shaft on my Predator BK. It split about six inches below the ferrule, all the way through the ferrule. I took it back to Hawley's and Sharon contacted Predator. They told her to replace the entire cue from her inventory at zero cost to me.

Predator is the very definition of "Quality Customer Service and 100% Customer Satisfaction."



07-24-2002, 06:48 PM
Well, there you have it. Much the same as I would have said. I've yet to lose the tip on mine, but then, I do break like a girl! If you've not yet gotten satisfaction, call Predator at 888-314-4111. They are truly one of the few companies left that are completely committed to customer satisfaction, so I'm sure you'll have no problems. BTW, everyone there is well aquainted with the manufacturing process, so feel free to ask them all the questions you want.

07-24-2002, 07:06 PM
Well, it was a long morning of contacting Predator and The Billiard Factory (Predator Dealer) here in Houston, in all three locations. Whew!,...but I got it done. I called the 888 number and talked to Jean Loos. She was very accommodating and said that they would replace the entire shaft if Houston dealers had one. They did not, but she said that they would send UPS to pick it up or I could mail it.

I meeeeeean she was so nice. We emailed probably ten times or more getting things straight with the dealer in Houston. The dealer here, did not have the correct glue needed, so she said to send it in.

Since I had this trouble this soon, she is going to put a rush on it on Monday when they all get back from the New Orleans exhibit.

Yeah Predator!,..though I will miss it next week in the 9 ball tournament I run.