View Full Version : More On Rove's Tangled Web....and Gonzales's lies,

Gayle in MD
05-11-2007, 07:21 AM
Only the nutty 28%, who also think we're winning in Iraq, could buy the Story put forth by the White House, Gonzales, and his top DOJ deputies, to protect and cover up Rove's involvement and intention to set up the DOJ, as a political tool for future use in the up-coming elections.

This is just one more case where lies were told, under oath, to cover up the use of the Patriot Act, circumvent congressional oversight and approval, in order to cover up illegal activities, deep six evidence, refuse to provide evidence, and politicize, through questionable efforts, to justify the use of loyal Bushies, and the entire department of Justice, to slander, and attack Democrats in the next elections.

The White House wanted party loyalists placed in either key battleground states, or in states where Republicans were being investigated or they thought Democrats should have been. Gonzales rolled out the welcome mat at the Justice Department and told them to install whomever they wanted. If Gonzales truly wants to rebut that narrative, he needs only to offer some plausible alternative. Anything at all. But he doesn't. He offers only distractions.

Monica Goodling should be forced to be sworn in, hold up her hand to her God, and take the fifth, over and over again, in front of the C-Span cameras, as real time evidence of her shady, decietful, illegal behind the scenes conspiracy with the White House, Rove and Meyers, to get Loyal Bushy AG's in position for the purpose of corrupting the DOJ, for political purposes, particularly to get their ducks in a row to implement their obvious plan for pre-election mud throwing through their intended RNC takeover of the Department Of Justice, so clearly displayed by the vast differences already documented in the much greater number of investigations which target Democratic wrong doing, as compared to the few investigations of Republicans. How very convenient to be in the position of having the republican political dirty tricks chief, Karl Rove, in charge of appointing Attorney Generals for his political purposes.