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05-18-2007, 03:23 PM
Well, got back from BCA Vegas a couple of days ago. I think my head is still numb.

What a great town, I think I never get bored of Vegas. I mean, can a town that stays open 24/7 and serves booze all day, all night be that bad? Anyway, Pool is alive and well at the Riviera, heres a quick rundown of my trip:

Meeting/seeing forum posters-

It never ceases to amaze me how many Poolplayers are on the Internet. IMO, the Internet is how Pool will grow; it's a great way for Poolplayers to keep up with things. I ran into a bunch of people I was glad to see again:

Timberly-the undercover Timberly
Cornerman-the not-so-undercover Cornerman
Liz Ford-Earl's nemesis
Sarah Rousey-little chick, big game
Holly Ryan-the better half of nAZi Billiards' Mike Howerton
The Lipsky's-Gina and Steve who both play too good
the CCB crew-Spiderman, SPetty, Rip, Vagabond, RAS, CarolNYC and family and Scott Lee
Nostroke-you know; Gravy

I'm sure I'm forgetting a few (sorry).

Oh, I think OMGWTF was playing a few tables over from me (if that was her). A subtly fashionable girl with a good stroke. (Don't bother dissing my attire, I already know GQ won't be knocking on my door)


I didn't get to do/see a whole bunch, I was busy playing Pool for a change. I did get to see Shane Van Boening and John Morra in action. IMO, these two are the next "kids" to become big hitters ala Corey Deuel and Johnny Archer.

Morra was in action, playing 8 ball. He is in trouble, running down to the 8, with no way out, so he plays safe and blocks a pocket like this:

http://cuetable.com/P/?@4HYEs4ICqv4JWxS3KKJP4LFoK4MTFL2NKfI3OCeE2PAxl@3A dWv2BMlX3CUCb1DGIU3EEMS4FWQt4GJax1HMKH2IWmK1PJGu1T JGu3phth1kJGu2kLOM2qWmdNow]Cuetable (http://cuetable.com/P/?@4HYEs4ICqv4JWxS3KKJP4LFoK4MTFL2NKfI3OCeE2PAxl@3A dWv2BMlX3CUCb1DGIU3EEMS4FWQt4GJax1HMKH2IWmK1PJGu1T JGu3phth1kJGu2kLOM2qWmdNow)

The other guy, plays safe, Morra just shoots one of the opponents balls to the end rail, giving BIH. The other guy takes BIH, breaks open the 8 ball, and runs another, before playing safe to this:

http://cuetable.com/P/?@4HYEs4Icxn4JViB3Kcxt1LPPd4MSfb2NKfI3OCeE1PVAM4hS Ot4hSOr4hVyB4hTEY4hTEY4hTEa4hVqE4hTlc4hTlc@3AdWv2B MlX3CUCb1DGIU3EEMS4FWQt4GJax1HMKH2IWmK1PJGu1TJGu3p hth1kJGu2kLOM2qWmdNo@

Morra sizes up the kick, and kicks the 8 ball into the corner like this:

http://cuetable.com/P/?@4HYEs4Icxn4JViB3Kcxt1LPPd4MSfb2NKfI3OCeE1PVAM4hS Ot4hSOr4hVyB4hTEY4hTEY4hTEa4hVqE4hTlc4hTlc1kVAM2kL xi2kact4kXWX4kXnb@3AdWv2BMlX3CUCb1DGIU3EEMS4FWQt4G Jax1HMKH2IWmK1PJGu1TJGu3phth1kJGu2kLOM2qWmdNo@

Strong player. BTW, that's one of the kicking systems from PoolIQ's DVD for those interested...

Oh, how did I do? Like always, could be better, could be worse.

I played in the "Player Member Singles", which is open to anyone other than a "Pro" (and "Pro" is a gray area, lol). I played decent, but it seems like almost all my matches were come from behind victories, after doggin it to fall behind. I won my first round match against a good player. He had me down 3-0 and I managed to get back to 4-4, then 4-5 him, then 6-5 him before he finally made a mistake (hallelujah). Luckily, the hill-hill break was mine, I broke and ran out. So, at hill-hill, I try to "sell" him the win for $20. I knew I wouldn't be playing my 11PM match because I was gonna forfeit to go party at the Playboy club/Moon @ the Palms (the least he could do is buy me and Susie a drink for the win)...He declined! Oh well.

The most satisfying match was a come from behind win (sound familiar?) against a nice guy, but subtlely cocky, if that makes sense. He was a good player, I gave him BIH the first 4 racks and the score was 4-0 him (duh). Now, the whole time, he and his wife/girlfriend were yucking it up and doing the kissy-kissy thing after each win. he was joking around and jovial, while I stewed. So, I finally get in gear and win the next 4 to even it at 4-4. All of a sudden, things weren't so jovial anymore. The kissy-kissy is gone. I win the next game, he wins another and it's 5-5. He takes a bathroom break. He comes back and his girl says to him sternly "why don't you just beat this guy already", or something like that. What?! Did she say that out loud? I felt like saying "Yeah, why don't you just beat me already", but didn't put my foot in my mouth like I usually do. So, he breaks, runs a copuple and misses! I runout to 6-5 me. Next game, I break, run out to my last ball, which is near the corner pocket, with the 8 near the ball. It's a thin cut with the chance of fouling by hitting the 8 first, so I tell the guy "you can call a Referee is you want", which he does. So the Ref makes the call, says "Good hit" and I run out for the win. Can you believe what this guy syas to me when I shake his hand?? "I didn't think it was a good hit". Well waa, waa, waa. Sorry for him, but that's why we had Ref's to make the call. Why don't you go back to playing kissy-kissy with your girl, you seemed happier then...

I eventually finished 49th out of 256 (ther ewasn't a full 256 players, I don't know the exact field).

Well, lemme get off my soapbox, I rambled enuff. Had a great time and will look out for you guys next year.