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05-23-2007, 09:10 AM
I am new to what makes a worsted cloth better or comparable to another. But I have heard a few good things on this cloth. And it is fairly inexpesive too. What I want is a cloth that is a little faster then Simonis 860, but slower the 760 and Granito toury 2000. I was told that Velocity Pro may be what I am looking for. I am not too conserned about durablity only because it is for my own personal practice table that is only used at very most 5 hrs. a week. And I will probably move withing 3 years so I will be either reclothing it again after the move, or leaving the table and getting something different.

Please give any opinions if you have them, but PLEASE refrain from them if you have a comment on it because it isn't something you like .

Thank you


05-24-2007, 02:35 AM
The main trouble with pool cloths is the cushions. Pool cushions are krap. Pool tables have cushion profiles that were obsolete and superceded in english billiards long before the Wright Bros became about the 27th humans to fly a powered heavyr-than-air aircraft. How iz it that pool haz stuck to theze krap-kushion profiles (the K in K66 and K55 stands for Krap). This problem haz lately floated to the surface koz cheap cushion rubbers are now very heavy koz of silicon content (or something). Heavy cushion rubbers = low cushion "e" (i can tell u why if u are interested). The manufacturing establishment have fallen for the trap (krap) invented by maths "experts". The establishment beleev (with all their heart) that there is something sacred in the 0.7D cushion ht krap, even tho they actually uze/adopt 0.64D (or something) anyhow. And, then, koz the 0.7D is held sacred (even tho they dont uze it), they suck up to the 0.7D god by adopting a sharp cushion face. I mean, if 0.7D is sacred, then the best way show your homage is to make the cushion-face as sharp as u can (even tho u dont uze 0.7 anyhow). The end rezult iz that "e" for a pool cushion iz (can be) so poor that the speed of the bed-cloth haz now bekum an issue. I feel sorry for all of u poor buggers. madMac.

05-24-2007, 06:51 PM
Uuuummmm, thanks; but what does this have to do with Velocity Pro as a compeditor in the cloth world?

05-24-2007, 06:59 PM
Sorry -- Just praktising (too much wine i guess) -- i will bring this cushion profile bizness up when next someone complains about cushions. madMac.