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05-31-2007, 12:26 PM
I just bought a dozen of Nike's "Juiced 312" golf balls, after reading the ad-copy on the box (how could anyone resist after?)
# JUICE COVER: A perfectly spheroidal Surlyn caplet embedded with hundreds of sculpted recessions to control directional agitation and wind puncture. Gets you higher and straighter with more carry. Not available in chewable form.
# JUICE CORE: High velocity and low spin enhance length and reduce side effects of fl aring or ballooning. Low compression is easy on the system. Insoluble in water.
Why did it take so long to develop this ball? That's a question like, "Why aren't there bulletproof denim pants." Do not drink and drive with this.... Nike Golf recommends that you play responsibly.
After years of frustrating trial and error research for pharmaceutical grade distance, the lab developed Juice which revealed a psychokinetic bridge between the musculature of the golfer, the response capabilities of the ball, and emotional reaction to a good shot
100% syhthetic, 200% organic, 300% free-range rubber
Start with one juice ball in the morning, take with black coffee...will take effect immediately after wagering is completed....
I'm heading out for a test drive today.....at this price, i also hope they have self correcting lateral movement.

05-31-2007, 01:01 PM
I usually give any Nike balls found in the trees to my buddy. Where his Nike obsession comes from I'll never understand. I'll make a bit of an exception the first time I find one of these and give it a test drive before handing it over.