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Gayle in MD
06-05-2007, 09:20 AM
People should do the Math on this one. Democrats had no way possible to defund the war, they simply do not have the numbers, yet! However, my prediction, is that by September, and after the incredibly un-necessary loss of more Americans Lives in Iraq, to benefit Bush's legacy, (No other reasonable reason for him to be so bullheaded, since evry single study says our troops can't win, and are nothing but targets, for a number of radicals and insurgents) that the American Public will be fully behind withdrawing financial support for Bush's War, and Republicans will be knocking one another over to vote to defund this idiotic, disasterous foreign policy mistake.

This is Bush's war, and the disasterous results, belong to him, and the Republican Majority, which allowed him to act without oversight, and against the conditions set up in the original trust given to him by the Congress. He did not meet the standards originally required in the Bill which allowed him to go into Iraq in the first place.

Democrats, do not have enough votes among themselves, to defund this disasterous war. Without enough Republicans, to jin the Democratic slim majority, to vote against this pointless slaughter of American Troops, there can be no defunding of this war, hence, it still belongs to Bush, and the Republicans. If it isn't obvious to all Americans, by now, that this mess will be what it will be, with or without American Troops on the ground, I don't know what more they need to see the light! Bush becomes more disgusting, daily, and John Murtha's words, are more credible now, than ever before.

Gayle in Md.

06-09-2007, 10:10 AM
my daughter sent me this article, it does spell out some truths about our leaders & their mysterious ways (simple looting of America's "treasure chest"

here is the article;
What we are witnessing is a funnel. Capturing the billions and perhaps trillions of dollars in a worldwide power play, we have witnessed a political movement that has victimized the People of the United States of America.

The worldwide industrial revolution in the early 20th Century (that we spearheaded with our unrivaled hard work and ingenuity) slowly gave way to a greed as oil became the most valuable resource on the planet. As industry blossomed, domestic oil men profited from supplying oil to the nation as we basked in the fruits of our noble and heroic victories in WWI and WWII.

The profit translated to political power in Texas and elsewhere, and the key players had piles of political capital that matched their bank accounts or oil wells. The only problem is that they depended on the flow of oil to supply their own political power, as much as their Cadillacs or airplanes. The Bush Family is an embodiment of this phenomenon and it's most obvious example.

Other industry Titans, namely tobacco companies and arms companies (bombs, guns, tanks, planes, etc.) were going through a similar explosive growth and power dilemma. They all found a common ally in the NEW Republican Party. They even found a former Cigarette spokesman to pitch the idea to the American Public.

The problem is that they NEED oil, NEED demand for oil, NEED smokers, NEED wars and conflict to make and sell arms. They also need enemies, conflict, division, and distraction so they can collect the money from the unaware public in the form of gas prices and arms production. What they don't need is a bunch of "big" government interference with the money grab. So they undermine every government agency they can in order to weaken the ability for oversight and accountability. Couched in the term "tax cuts", it is actually the beheading of democracy. The goal is to drive the government into debt and funneling tax dollars and the income of working families into the pocket of the key companies and Corporations.

Halliburton is the tip of the iceberg that our ship of state has purposely been run against. As a people we must wake up to these sobering realities. We call on or elected officials to stop this further consolidation of wealth. Secondly, but just as importantly, We call for legislation that will reverse the consolidation of media.

We the People, with our elected officials are obligated to save our Republic from this domestic enemy that has taken us in a direction of War Profiteering, lying to the People, setting policy that benefits the few at the expense of the many, erosion of Constitutional Principles, and an undermining of our very elections (see Florida 2000 and Ohio 2004). We the People must step up and return to government FOR THE PEOPLE BY THE PEOPLE. God help us in this struggle.

The World needs us to be the noble leaders that so many of our forefathers were. Standing up in defense of tyranny and being the best peacemakers the world has ever known. It must start at home and with a view outward with love and hope for all of mankind. I pray we can galvanize being a true leader who can bring these ideals to the fore and return our Country home to Us. **end**

I also feel the media is a diode, the media spews the words of government, but try & get the rebuttal voice of the people printed or on TV

Gayle in MD
06-11-2007, 07:03 AM
Hi Ceebee,
That's a great article, and thanks. A very good summary of the tragic consequences of Fascism. Amusing, or should I say repulsive, that so many innocent people have had to suffer and die, all at the alter of greed and corruption. It is more than ironic, that those who most heartily, and publically, beat their breasts in the name of God, have supported this evil bunch of Corporate Fascist Pigs, the Republican party, Organized Religion, and the Ruppert Murdochs of the world, have made a fine mess of the human condition. This President, MUST be impeached. It is the ONLY way that we can voice our disgust with the Bush/Republican War On America, and honor our country, and those who have lost their lives to benefit the worst of the worst. These fascists must all be held accountable, from the White House, to Fox News, to the William Kristols, to the Jerry Falwells, to the Ken Lays, they must all be exposed for what they really are, and held accountable for their crimes against America, justice, and Good Will, if our great country is ever to survive, and regain its former reputation as the world's greatest leader, and beacon of hope for all those who ultimately suffer at the hands of the greedy demons of mankind.

Thanks again for the article...folks like you, and your daughter, don't need any crayons! /ccboard/images/graemlins/wink.gif

"When Fascism comes, it comes with a smile on its face, carrying a cross."

Gayle in Md.