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06-16-2007, 10:38 AM
web page (http://environment.newscientist.com/channel/earth/mg19426085.300?DCMP=NLC-nletter&nsref=mg19426085.300)

06-16-2007, 03:59 PM
Woolfy -- Yesterday me'n'Hertz shifted our stuff from our mountain home (will be sold) to our bush home (a caravan at the moment). The new bush home will have 4 small plastik tanks -- 2000gal each, inklooding one dedicated to fire fighting (compulsory), which shood get us throo in most years i think. But we might havta put in a separate pipe'n'pump from the dam for toilet flushing -- mightbe i shood have put in some composting toilets (non-flushing).

Three of my favorit fishing lakes have dryed up. They say that it would take 10 years of average rains to get things back to normal. But, todays average is lower than yesteryear's average, a sort of rainfall deflation, which i dont think that "experts" realize -- they are great at math, but hopeless at arithmetik.

Just been watching the golf. Az u know, Ozz iz a half-day ahead of u guys in USA, and i can tell u that Tiger and Aaron have finished their rounds and are 3 shot clear of the field. madMac.

06-16-2007, 10:19 PM
Tee to green....Woods played awesome...but nothing dropped for him today....should be a great finish tomorrow...
Hope things turn around over there....and the country gets some rainfall!!!