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Gayle in MD
06-18-2007, 11:28 AM
The only thing missing from America's Ambassador to Iraq, Ryan Crocker's appearance on Meet The Press, sunday, was the black cloth that traditionally hides the body of the puppeteer who stands behind the puppet, manipulating the mouth, and head of a wooden, lifeless body. Apparently Bush didn't have time to attach the arm and leg strings, as Crocker couldn't have appeared more puppetlike.

So, it's pretty obvious, after Tony Snowjob's Press conference, last week, in which he warns us against expecting September, (which was originally supposed to be our moment of truth on Iraq, an opportunity for accountability, and a change of course)to be anything like the transition from black and white, to full color, moment, in The Wizard Of Oz, when everything turns up roses. Unfortunately, he's forgotten that at that moment, Dorothy is still LOST!

Anyway, it is clear, now, that all we will be hearing in September from Patraeus, Bush, Crocker, Cheney, Gates and Snowjob, will be more of the same Crock of S**T, straight from the Crocker, more lies about supposed progress, and more time for Iraqis, alQaeda, and the new Bush-created terrorist organizations, to kill our troops, on behalf of Halliburton, and atleast 70 other corporate fascist pigs, and individuals, all big contributors to the Bush/Cheney Campaign. All of which have been awarded, secretly of course, and the terms of which have been officially included in executive ordered, secrecy clauses, which prohibit any disclosure of resulting profits, but as we know, many many billions in no bid contracts in Iraq, and not enough of a Democratic majority to force any sunshine back into this fascist, Republican created, dictatorship, Regime.

And, just as the right wing press has managed to keep all the illegal pre-presidential activities of their pasts, from the front pages of many newpapers, in the Bush/Cheney/Bush history, including fraud, felony, war profiteering, and illegal accounting practices, none of which were emphasized, illogically, during any Bush campaigns, father, or son, we shall see little hope in exposing much of it, and bringing investigations to fruition.

But, many many more American Troops, will be dead, and morbidly maimed, continuing on after September, regardless of how absurd and destructive the end results, and great losses to the friends and families of those troops, for all but the rich, that is, and of that, you can be sure.

It is obvious that Cheney and Bush do not recall the lessons of oil inspired support for the Shah of Iran, Saddam Hussein, and successive Saudi governments, which later spawned the majority of 9/11 terrorists, and their ideology, nor do they recall the hasty exit from Vietnam, and the on-going tragedy of life, which we still observe on many street corners of our country, to this day.

But for Bush and Cheney, it all boils down to business, and their future business lives, with the pigs, after this dictatorship has finally ended, and as Cheney has been quoted back in 1998, while explaining his business philosophy with a group of oil industry executives, when at Halliburton, "You've got to go where the oil is."

That has always meant trading with the enemy, and trading with the enemy has been the Hallmark of all the billions of dollars owned by both the Bush family, Sr. and Jr., and the Cheney family, neither family having ever lost an immediate relative, in a war, to date.

Both the United States, and Great Britian, officially declared today, an end to the search for WMD's in Iraq.
bin Laden, is planning his next, spectacular attack, "Inside The United States."

Our debt to China, is now expected to exceed three trillion dollars, in eventual cold debt, including interest.

Halliburton's profits are soaring, since crashing, very shortly after Cheney sold all of his, and accepted a sweetheart deal from Halliburton, called early retirement. We'll never get the full details, ofcourse, since this administration has managed to deep six much of their, and their republican predecessor's illegal activities, (even retroactively) which have been reported in major newspapers, for years, which have never been sued, btw.

But, as we all know, Harken's stock, which Bush dumped just a mere eight day's before it crashed, was nothing as bad as Martha Stewart, or the Clinton's meager little failed real estate deal, deemed perfectly legal, after over 70 million of tax payers dollars, wasted in un-necessary, right wing conservative costly and unrelenting investigations. And with connections like Bush Jr, through his crooked daddy, Bush Sr., and Prescott's dealings with Hitler, having all gone for years largely un-noticed by the bible belt, and the agressive right wing press, why should the King, worry about investigations?

I'm sure, though, that the Republican Party, will manage to continue to stonewall not only the Congress, the Senate, and any Special Prosecutor which comes their way in the same manner which they have managed to use executive orders, to deep six any incriminating evidence that might surface, or, they can simply change the laws, to suit their fancy, and as long as Gonzales can remain as the next fall guy, they will have some insurance, for public distraction, away from the Oval Office, and the War, at the very least.

And likely atleast 28% of the uninformed, tax cut happy, dufuses, in this country, who will once again be distracted with issues like tax cuts, abortion, and immigration, will march dutifully back into the voters booth come 08, and vote once again for family values, cheaper taxes, and embrace their hatred for anything that smacks of liberal values, like freedom of speech, privacy, Separation Of Church and State, compassion for the poor and hungry, or any Possible exodus away from the horrors of War, and its ugly results, for all but the wealthy fascists, that is, and while the ground work, for all this, is obviously being laid presently, straight from the White House Press Room, incredulously, Lee Hamilton, appears on Face The Nation, calling for a date certain, to withdraw from Iraq, pricisely as Democrats have been saying for over two years. But, you won't be hearing much about that....

Gayle in Md.

06-18-2007, 01:38 PM
I believe I have said this before, which indicates a lack of originality - both on my part and yours:

A condensation of your last five thousand posts, written in cursive, wouldn't cover a yard of toilet paper.

06-18-2007, 04:55 PM
If it's only the 28% uninformed, uneducated, morons who support the Republicans, how is it that there are so many of them in office that the Democrats can't seem to do those things you would like them to do? /ccboard/images/graemlins/confused.gif
Enquiring minds want to know.

06-19-2007, 07:13 AM
Pooltchr it will take two more elections to rid this country of the stink. Hopefully we can depoist it in Soth Carolina.####

06-19-2007, 07:18 AM
Gayle Bravo.

Dick in New York

Gayle in MD
06-19-2007, 08:41 AM

Thanks, friend. Love you...

Did you see the interviews of the two star general, who stated that there had been much greater abuses at Abugaribe, than formally had surfaced, including our men, sodomizing Iraqi women, over and over. Even more horrible things than that, if there is anything more horriblc. He sates clearly, that Rumsfeld, Bush and cheney, all knew about it. rumsfeld, having lied outright, during his testimony before both the Senate, and the Congressional, Armed Services Committees. According to the General, who was forced out of service, after trying to put a stop to the unhumane abuses, no question, put forth by these repulsive lying pieces of you know what, in this immoral administration. There is absolutely no way, he said, that they didn't all not only know about the torture, and sexual abuses, but would all have been involved in putting forth such orders.

Meantime, the Bush regime, has been breaking the Hatch Act laws, and the Presidential Records initiatives, and destroying all the evidence, as they went along, just as they did in the Libby trial.

If we don't get these criminals for what they've done to America, our troops, the Iraqis, our reputation, against both national, and international laws and treaties, it will be a national tragedy.

BTW, Dick, here's a link to Biden's statements on Meet The Press last sunday, in case you missed him. He's probably not going to get the nomination, but he is by far, all all the Candidates, the most ecperienced, after Hillary, and has been dead right about what to do about the no-win mess that Bush, and the Republican blank check Congress, have created.

I hope these tax cut nuts, whose values are no doubt, devoid of any intellectual grasp of the irreversable damage which they have fomented through either apathy, or denial, are satisfied with the mees George Bush has made of things, with the help of their Republican Representatives.

Gayle in Md.

Gayle in MD
06-19-2007, 04:10 PM
The billions from Corporate Fascists, go a long, long way, I suppose, and right wing propaganda, has been elevated to an art form. Add to that the massive ignorance of the religious right, the many hard working tired Americans, who can barely feed their families, and have little time for research, and you have yourself one powerful platform, I suppose. But, I have all the faith in the world, in the good common sense of the American majority. I believe they have seen the light, at long last, on the myth of Republican conservatism, a true oxymoron.