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06-18-2007, 01:13 PM
She is not likable,I know it seems unfair,but two things move voters,likability,and lack of intellect,or what is called the common touch,by the unwashed anti-intellectual horde of uninformed "good old voters". Hillary is out, Giuliani is in.

Gayle in MD
06-19-2007, 10:28 AM
I don't think so, Drop. I think Republicans can forget the next elections. There is no chance that there will be any political success in Iraq, for one thing, and after Republicans have been pushing to stay in Iraq, and leave our people as targets, in the middle of the Iraqi civil war, when things are no better in September, and the casualties are much greater, Bush will still push for staying there, and I think even the Republican base, will begin to see the light, regarding the impossibility of any real success in ending the civil war in Iraq.

Those Republicans running, are going to be in a bit of a catch 22, at that time, because Bush will finally have to do what the Democrats have said, all along, when Republicans are finally backed against the wall. Re-deploy to the peripheral, remove our people from the civil war, and use them only for training purposes, out around the borders, to prevent more coming through from Iran and Syria, to join in the battles between Sunni and Shiia. Those Blank check Republicans, are going to look pretty stupid, for sure, and they're going to be joining the Democrats, denouncing the policies put forth by Bush. The extravagant spending during years of Republican control, along with the huge debt, failure to close the borders, in more than six years, after 9/11. bin Laden, still free. And possibly, even more law breaking, and more indictments, also going to work against their party, who couldn't balance the budget, if their lives depended on it.

Giuliani, doesn't have any experience, at all, in foreign relations, in both diplomacy, and in the Nuclear Initiative. He has no good connections on the Hill, and a personal, private life, which does not coincide with the Republican Religious fanatics, on the right. Regradless of how he tries to spin it, he's for a woman's right to run her own life, without the interference of religious dogma, or men in black robes, dictating according to their centuries old, religious inspired, desire to control women. The religious right wing Republicans can't stomach the idea of women, not being firmly under their repressive, collective, dogmatic thumbs. They're stuck in a situation, where atleast three of their contenders, have a shady anti- abortion, history, and over ten divorces, among the Republican candidates, if Thompson decides to run.

Giuliani, has been responsible for some very poor decisions, like insisting on putting the emergency response system, in the basement of the WTC, against the advice of those more experienced in the field of emergency response, who warned him not to do so. This led to the deaths of many who would have been warned earilier to get out, instead of being told to stay where they were. Then there was Giuliani's right hand man, and close friend, Bernie Kerik, former NYPD commissioner, with ties to the Mafia, and taking pay offs, the same crook that Bush was thinking of hiring, and putting in charge of Homeland security. Giuliani drooped his friendship with him after he was exposed. Giuliani did a good job with the crime in NYC, and cleaning up the dirty city, in general, but that hardly covers all the bases of what our next President will have to face. The fact that he failed to show up for the Iraq Study Group's meetings, and dropped out, because he didn't want to lose any money on his speaking tour, doesn't susggest to me that he give a good **** about America's present dire and degrading circumstances. Most would have been honored to be asked, but Rudy, wanted the money in his pocket.

There will also be loads of people energized by Firemen across the country, not to give Giuliani their votes, who hate Giuliani, for having caused many Firemen's eventual deaths, and sicknesses, after 9/11, by sending them into the rubble, after being told that it wasn't safe for them to be there due to the toxicity of the rubble. Bottom line, other than walking around with a megaphone, he didn't perform very well, in the decision making department, on 9/11, and that one decision of his, made everything much worse for those who died because of the failed communications between the Polic, the firement, and those in the WTC.

Add to that his three marriages, with the last mistress presently at his side, and his perpetual falandering on his wives, throughout his life, and his support of gay rights, and I can't see the righties giving him the nomination.

They'd be more likely to go for another authoritarian style bully, like Fred Thompson, IMO, another right wing chicken hawk, hooked up with the American Enterprise Intsitute. They'll forgive him, for being part of the ideology that led this country toward the worst foreign policy decision in history, because they'd suppor anyone who is trying to get Libby off for committing purgery, and obstruction of justice. That religious base, and the neocons, have a highly ingrained, double standard, about sin, and illegal activities. Those infractions against God, and the laws, are only sins, when they're committed by Democrats, lol.

I don't see anyone, on the Republican side, who comes close to Biden and Clinton, on experience. She'd be wise to choose him, IMO, as a running mate. No one has his credentials for president, including Hillary, but he doesn't have the money people behind him, like she does. She's also got plenty of support from Liberal Women, where the liberal men, seem to divide about half and half between Hillary, and one of the men. There's no one on the Republican side, with Clinton, and Biden's, combined experience, in internation diplomacy, and foreign affairs, and particularly regarding Nuclear Proliferation, which is going to become a much more out front issue, as the election approaches.

Bush has been critisized by the experts in that field, for completely ruining years of progress for failing to engage our most threatening nations, in Nuclear disarmmament, and regional diplomacy, in the Middle East, and his nuclear deal with India, completely wrongheaded, as has been stated by many ensior Statesmen, both from the right, and the left. Very bad decision. We have made no progress in tracking down all the fissile material, which has been spread around the world, by Russia, and others, and that issue will be coming more to the forefront, in the coming months.

However, you may be right. If Bush could get into the White House, anybody can. He had no experience, other than cheerleading, cheating stock holders and taxpayers for his own benefit, in Texas, and spending Daddy's money, on his booze and drugs. If Giuliani is suddenly born again, though, the right may repress any awareness of past poor behavior. They've proven to be expert, at denial.

I think, also, Hillary is improving her presentation. She was fabulous today, in the debates. She's been much better than any of the Republicans, at thinking on her feet, in the debates, so far, IMO. As Iraq continues to be as it is right now, dire and degrading, STILL, Republicans are going to be looking pretty bad, by election time. And, we still don't know if the Iraqi officials, are going to go off on vacation! They won't commit, so far, to staying in Baghdad, even after Gates, Cheney, Patraeus, and others, met with them to build a fire under their asses, and to rip them a new one over their statements about taking vacation, they still didn't agree to stay in Baghdad for the entire summer, to date.

As has been stated by the experts, and was reiterated this past weekend, by Powell, Hamilton, of The Iraq Study group, and even General P., "Without a political solution between the Iraqis, which leads to ending their centuries old grudges, and successful training of Iraqi soldiers, who will stand up, and show up, no amount of American struggle to improve Iraq, can be successful, and "no military solution will provide an end to the violence." shouldn't have led to what amounts to an escalation of troops, into the middle of the Iraqi civil war. The administration is already back peddling, on their statements about changing policy, in September, if Iraqis fail to meet benchmarks, AGAIN! But, in the last congressional legislation, he agreed to do so, to some degree, if things hadn't improved, by September. As Hamilton said, on sunday, there must be consequences for the Iraqis, if they continue to fail to meet Banchmarks.

Check out Biden's statements from this last sunday...


Later friend... /ccboard/images/graemlins/wink.gif

Gayle in Md.

Gayle in Md.

Gayle in MD
06-19-2007, 10:34 AM
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06-19-2007, 02:12 PM
HL Menken said,"no person ever went broke under estimating the taste of the American public". Bush was voted into office one time,by a large margin,I don't know how he got in the first time,I think it's a family secret. Based on the last six years,intelligence or the lack of,coupled with a fascist criminal mind is no deterrence to being President,but you cannot be President if you are not likable. In this Country,Tammy Baker would have a better chance,than Hillary. Is Tammy still alive,or did she pass of from allergies to Maybelline? In the long run,I hope you are right,and I'm wrong

Gayle in MD
06-19-2007, 05:06 PM
I hope so too, friend. Giuliani, or any of the other Repubs that are running, would be disasterous for our country at the present. And Giuliani, in particular, would be another secretive, authoritarian style dictatorship, just like the one we have now, where an entire undercover government is flying under the radar. Nothing could be worse for our country right now, IMO. I'd opt for a little sexploitation on the side, anyday, to the growing, AEI inspired, fascist threat.

Gayle in Md.