View Full Version : Miscuing chalk and humidity

06-23-2007, 07:43 AM
I was shooting APA the other night and the A/C was on the fritz. It was downright hot and humid. The cold beer bottles were sweating up a storm. During the match I miscued 3 times which is about 6 months of miscuing for me all in one day. The A/C had been acting up for over a week I was told so the Southern US humidity had time to get into everything.

One of the players who shot before me said that the chalk was wet from all the humidity and that this would make it inaffective. I scuffed my tip and even changed shafts but I think it may actually have been chalk related as much as anything. Has anyone seen this? Does that sound right? Would bringing my own chalk have solved this problem for me assuming that my own "climate controlled" chalk would not have had time to really suck up the humid air?

06-23-2007, 01:33 PM
I always carry my own chalk.
It has been my experience that the majority of miscues are caused by bad strokes.
I've played in 80% humidity pool rooms in the south and never witnessed any conditions that would make mis-cuing more frequent.

06-23-2007, 08:27 PM
I wish i had a table -- i kood be doing all sorts of chalk'n'misscue (moisture) tests for hours. Anyhow, i think that a bit of extra water in the chalk'n'contact might deekreec friktion, for the following reezons...

1.... The extra water might act like extra lubricant.
2.... And it might rezult in a thicker layer of chalk before and during impact. Here the chalk (the 3rd body) acts like a lubricant (or like small rollers) in its own right.
3.... The heat might turn any water to gas (during impact), and the extra gas might dekreece friktion.
4.... Extra water in (and on) the surface of the ball (plastik) dekreeces the ball's friktion with everything.

A few possible ways (i think) to minimize misscues in humid conditions....
1.... Take care to smear only a very thin layer of chalk onto the tip (a good rule any time).
2.... And/or, bang the cue against a (say) table leg, to remoov (some) surplus chalk (this is also an excellent way to annoy your opponent).
3.... Dont keep the chalk in your pocket, it iz even more humid there. madMac.